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Despite all the consequences associated with high blood pressure, it is still a condition that is preventable and easily managed.
It has compounds that can help control high blood pressure and is very effective in reducing cholestrol levels, conditions which are very harmful to blood pressure patients. Observing a healthy balanced diet and enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle can help avoid the risk of high blood pressure as well as reduce one that is already elevated.
These compounds aid the blood vessels to expand and therefore celery is very helpful in bringing down high blood pressure.
Hawthorne helps in relaxing the blood vessels, improves blood circulation and  helps the heart function well.

Having it regularly helps bring down your high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be controlled effectively with the help of these herbs. This is very beneficial in patients having high blood pressure as they are more susceptible to blood clots and strokes.
Adding it to food is a good option blood pressure patients are advised to consume less salt, hence adding celery to your food reduces your need to add more salt to the dishes.
It helps in preventing the formation of blood clots and allows the blood to flow smoothly, thus reducing the pressure on arteries. If you find it too spicy to your taste, you can also have it in the capsule supplement form.

You can easily prevent it or reduce your high blood pressure by trying these herbal remedies.

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