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Ancient women like Cleopatra, stunned not only with their flair and strategical skills, but also with their beauty that seemed eternal.
Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowWhen it comes to beauty routines, the grass is always greener. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowAccording to Vadhera, Cleopatra's beauty secret was taking milk baths to soften her skin and remove dead cells.
Most Popular"The French woman sticks to a scrupulous and preventive skin and body care routine," says Shannon Gallogly, lead aesthetician for French beauty brands Decleor and Carita. Cygalle Dias, owner of New York City's Cygalle Healing Spa, was born in Israel and believes in the healing powers of sea salt. Skin as Smooth as a Japanese Geisha After working in rice paddies, Japanese farmers noticed an unexpected but welcome benefit of submerging their hands in rice water all day -- extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking skin. Women have been passing down beauty secrets from one generation to the next from the dawn of time. You would be hard pressed to find a Parisian woman walking around with a thick mask of makeup. With fabulous beaches at their fingertips, Aussie women know the importance of protecting their skin. Brazilian beauties know the power of natural ingredients, especially a super food like avocados. Japanese women have it made with their long, glossy hair and Greek women's olive-toned complexions are always luminous.
They create a paste by mashing up a handful of the fruit and adding 2 tablespoons of white flour. To try the treatment at home, Vadhera recommends adding 2 cups of powdered milk to your bath.

According to Fabio Scalia, Italian hairstylist and owner of Fabio Scalia salon in Brooklyn, New York, the answer is right in your kitchen. For centuries, Geisha have used the rice water leftover from cooking to wash their face for smooth, soft skin. From Cleopatra's milk bath habit to Aboriginal tribes using berries as a lip stain, different nations have cultivated beauty secrets based on their cultural values and natural resources. French women have impeccable skin care routines, and wearing minimal makeup shows off that beautiful skin.
Prevention is key, so they take care to use sunscreen to prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and most importantly, skin cancer.
Olive oil, yogurt, and lemons are just some of the amazing ingredients that can help keep your skin clear, toned, and moisturized.
For an intense hair moisturizer, they mash up an avocado and apply it directly to their hair.
Discover 8 great ancient beauty secrets for flawless skin and decide which one is your favorite!Ancient Beauty Tricks: Rose WaterOne of the best ancient beauty tricks still used is rose water.
They then apply the mask to their face and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off. Italian women keep their hair shiny by combining yogurt and olive oil and using the mixture as a conditioner.
Rich in vitamin E, rice water is chock full of antioxidants that will help protect your face from free radicals -- you know, those pesky cells that speed up aging and damage your skin in the process. We researched those obscure global beauty secrets women have relied on for generations, and the modern-day product that will get you the same results. Nowadays, many Iranian women continue to use rose water as a daily toner that helps nourish and gently cleanse their skin.

We got insider beauty information from experts on how women across the globe stay gorgeous. Whether it's glossy hair from the Mediterranean or perfect skin from Japan, these are the beauty secrets that have been keeping women beautiful for centuries. Back in Ancient Greece, most women wanted to flaunt golden locks, which was considered a gift from their gods. So, they squeezed lemons and then applied the fresh lemon juice on their beautiful tresses. In Indian culture, this special ingredient is believed to reduce skin pigmentation and also balance the skin tone.
Plus, this ancient beauty trick has great anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin heal faster. So, you should prepare tea masks once a week and enjoy one of the top ancient beauty secrets from around the world!Ancient Beauty Secret from Around the World: African Black SoapThis is definitely one of the best ancient beauty secrets from around the world. The beauty benefits of one of the most important ancient beauty secrets were so great that many Swedish women chose to use dry saunas. Cleopatra looked beautiful and young and one of her secrets was the mixture of donkey's milk and crocodile dung.

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