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With its large, athletic build and massive head, the Cane Corso is an impressive looking dog that may conjure up fear in those who have never met the Italian breed. Alas, while the Cane Corso was originally bred to be a guard dog, the breed today is well known as a lovable family companion. The Cane Corso, whose name, translated from the Latin word "cohors," means "guardian" or "protector," is an ancestor of the ancient Greek Molossus dog, who is also the ancestor of the mastiff breed. While some historians believe that the Molussus was bred to fight men, tigers and lions among other wild beasts in battle, there are others who contend the breed was a hunting companion and was used to herd sheep. However, dog enthusiasts took it upon themselves to carefully and selectively breed the Cane Corso back to life — and popularity. Cane Corsos enjoy being part of family activities and various forms of exercise, including swimming and playing fetch. Since the Cane Corso is classified as a working dog, yours would benefit highly from daily exercise, even if limited to walks through the neighborhood.
Considered to have the same ancestor as the mastiff, the Cane Corso favors a similar build, although theirs is a more muscular and athletically defined.

The average Cane Corso may weigh between 88 and 110 pounds, with the females weighing in the lower range.
The Cane Corso's head is one of its primary and most notable features — standard protocol says that the dog's muzzle should be as wide as it is long, and while some breeders choose to crop them, the dog's ears naturally drop forward. Entropion, inward curling of the lower eyelid or ectropion, rolling out of the eyelid, is fairly common in the breed. Insurance plans are offered and administered by Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in California and DVM Insurance Agency in all other states. In fact, due to its increasing popularity, the American Kennel Club recently welcomed the breed to join its registry. Instinctively a guard dog, the Cane Corso tends to loyally attach itself to its family, particularly children. Not typically an overly energetic dog, the Cane Corso is generally quiet unless alerting to a suspicious noise. Unlike the mastiff, the Cane Corso is agile on its feet, able to move quickly and possesses an impressive amount of endurance.

While these may be common medical conditions, your Cane Corso will not necessarily develop them. Unlike people, dogs have a 'third eyelid' that contains a tear gland and is located in the corner of each eye. The breed flourished particularly in Southern Italy, until it became nearly extinct in the early 1970s when the country's agricultural structure changed and the dog became less in demand.
This dog breed is known to get along with other dogs; however, it is recommended that you accompany your Cane Corso to socialization and obedience classes at a young age to curb any potential aggression.

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