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New technologies have resulted in the development of better treatment programs with fewer risks. These scars do not tend to be as deep as ice pick scars and it can be more difficult to tell where these scars begin and where they end. Boxcar scars are depressions that are rectangular in shape with vertical walls and a flat base. Mainly acne is divided into three main classes: comedonal acne, inflammatory acne and cystic acne. Inflammatory acne happens when the blackhead and white head covered area is inflamed and causes inflamed, red acne marks. This treatment is prescribed to teenagers that undergo hormonal changes for one to four years and their condition is mild as well as temporary. Mild acne may increase with external triggers, such as make-up products and hair gels, and sometimes getting rid of such habits can successfully resolve your child’s acne problems completely. Hormonal acne can be much more serious to resolve; inflammatory acne has more chances of becoming a hormonal problem and is thus very directly linked with menstrual cycles. This is a general outline of how mild to mildly severe acne is treated along with general reasons for its occurrence based on age and gender.
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The information on this Blog reflects my own opinions and is not a replacement for medical advice. Rolling scars arise when fibrous bands of tissue develop between the skin and the lower tissue.
I have little acne, but it looks like I have a lot because of the darkened scars everywhere.
Though most people experience some form of the problem at some time in their lives, the development of scars in the form of holes, pits, or craters are less likely to form among individuals with less severe acne problems. They are areas with pink, red, purple, or just dark pigmentation that represent a temporary color change following a bout of acne. Also known as atrophic scars, or crateriform scars, they develop when the process of healing causes the destruction of skin in the area that was affected by the acne. Comedonal and inflammatory acne is considered a mild form of acne and is usually controlled with gel, creams and traditional tips and dietary restriction.
A disturbance in hormonal cycles can be directly linked with imbalance in menstrual cycle, and such disturbances usually result in inflammatory acne or a severe case of comedonal acne.
The problem is so common and recurring that we would advise you to research your problem well in order to find the best solution. In fact, nutrition is a critical part of the fitness equation and you cannot attain your goal of losing weight and getting fit without proper nutrition. These scars are harder to treat and the more penetrating they are, the longer they take to heal. If anyone is a dermatologist, or knows what they are doing when it comes to skin, please tell me and give me tips or maybe home remedies that can help clear and hopefully get rid of the scars, cause that way my face will be so clear. They are areas that are still inflamed, but the inflammation will likely go away without making any permanent changes to the skin, however, sometimes macules will remain present for a long period of time without treatment.
They are most likely to be found on the temples and cheeks and resemble in many ways the scars that develop after a chickenpox infection.

Typically atrophic macules have a bluish appearance and are soft to the touch with a base that is wrinkled. Often, they are just barely raised above the skin's surface and may not go away for months or years.
Medicinal treatment usually prescribed for comedonal acne is retinoid; these are chemicals that are similar in composition to vitamin A. Their usual victims are teenage girls, going through puberty and women with reproductive complications.
There are several acne scar classification systems used to describe the different types of scars that commonly take shape in response to severe acne. The problem with finding the best acne treatment is that acne, even though extremely common, is not the same for everyone. Extreme cases may lead to facial disfiguration and even mild cases may lead to permanent scarring. These problems are usually dealt with, by dermatologists, or by spironolactone that treats fluid retention-related problems in kidneys and relieves the kidney of extra pressure.
Below are some descriptive terms that have been used to describe different acne scars that can develop on the face and other areas of the body. And for that, you need to understand basic types of acne in order to define the best course of treatment.
Vitamin A will go a long way with remedies focusing on anti-bacterial properties such as lemon juice and vinegar. Acne is basically just an aftermath of fluctuation in oil production because of hormonal imbalance.

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