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While there are numerous topical creams, soaps, and lotions that can be used to treat acne in African Americans, often many of them are entirely too greasy, and can have an adverse effect. This treatment is a mixture of dermabrasion therapy combined with laser therapy to fully optimize the results on African American skin.
This treatment uses lasers and light therapy to essentially burn off dead cells and problem areas of the skin. According to DermaNetwork, this is the most popular form of acne laser treatment for African American men and women. When treating acne, people with dark skin are at greater risk for developing pigmentation changes.

Instead of going through life without a cure, African Americans have turned to acne laser treatments. According to The Laser Treatment Clinic, most patients see extreme results, and while the procedure can be painful, almost all patients see the value.
While the treatment seems painful, according the Laser Treatment Clinic, the process feels like pinches to the face, and should not exceed 30 minutes to complete. Advanced IPL Treatment is a series of treatments that must be attended multiple times, up to 10, for the process to take effect.
The CO2 and Erb: Yag Laser Resurfacing treatment removes multiple layers of skin, and takes weeks for recovery.

It is important to set aside a week in order to fully recover from the procedure and to apply creams and sunscreen as advised by your dermatologist following treatment.

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