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Acne is nearly inevitable for teenagers, most of whom will have to deal with a breakout at some point during their middle or high school career. Most acne masks can be used once or twice a week on your whole face or dabbed directly onto blemishes and problem areas as needed.
Continue to use acne-fighting masks occasionally even when your skin is clear, David Bank, dermatologist and director of the Center for Dermatology in Mount Kisco, New York, recommends in Teen Vogue. Homemade masks may be made with natural ingredients, but they can still trigger allergic reactions or cause irritation for some people. Overview The inflammatory skin condition acne results when excess oil clogs the hair follicles.
If your acne is serious or sticks around even though you've used home and over-the-counter remedies to treat it, book a dermatologist appointment--you may need prescription-strength treatment to prevent breakouts.

Most at-home masks can be made in under 20 minutes--if you are using fresh fruit or anything that needs to be peeled, seeded or otherwise prepared for use, you may need a few more minutes. If you're in the middle of an active breakout, their most important purpose is to help clear up your skin and speed acne on its way.
In Marie Claire magazine, Sharon Ronen, the founder and owner, of Skin Haven Spa Studio and WellSpa in Los Angeles, recommends combining egg yolk with honey, olive oil and plain oatmeal to make a mask for oily skin.
Bank says preventing acne is more effective than spot-treating it in the long run, but if you want to avoid breakouts, you need to take care of your skin even when your acne is dormant.
You should plan to leave the mask on your skin for around 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Masks can also help to prevent future breakouts and to soothe skin that is irritated or inflamed because of breakouts.

In Teen Vogue magazine, Bettijo Hirschi, creator of the natural bodycare line Bath By Bettijo, recommends mashing a fresh peach with a little baking soda and yogurt to make a mask that soothes irritated skin. If you have broken skin from a popped pimple or other skin damage, don't use a mask over the broken skin. Plain baking soda made into a paste with a little water can also be a good acne mask, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

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