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I've been looking into all the things I need to know on what to do to keep myself healthy while pregnant, and thus keep my baby healthy while it's inside me for when I try to concieve here soon. By far, retinoid or retinol-containing products are the number-one type of beauty product you need to avoid during pregnancy.
Safe alternatives: Use a gentle cleanser and oil-free cosmetics to help reduce pregnancy acne. Sunless tanning products, including self-tanning sprays and lotions, as well as the spray-on tans you get at a tanning salon, contain the product dihydroxyacetone, or DHA.
The effects of hair dye and straightening treatments on pregnant women are not well-examined, but some studies have shown that hair salon workers who are exposed to these harsh chemicals on a regular basis are at increased risk for cancer and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Safe alternatives: To minimize phthalate exposure from nail polish and hair spray during pregnancy, WebMD recommends using a nail polish that is labeled as phthalate-free or polishing nails in a well-ventilated area, and using a hair mousse or gel instead of a spray that gets in the air. While most women take a good look at any medications they are taking during pregnancy, fewer may stop to think about herbal supplements they are taking.
Safe alternatives: Talk to your doctor about which, if any, herbal supplements or topical products are safe to use in pregnancy. In addition to the substances described above, there are many other potentially dangerous chemicals lurking in personal care products, including soaps, lotions, makeup, deodorants, and others. I dont use alot of the no-no products like nail colors and hair color treatments, i am going to put off doing until after the delivery. Fortunately, the dangerous products are easy to avoid, as long as you know what to look for, and there are plenty of safe alternatives you can use to stay looking and feeling at your best throughout your pregnancy.

According to Fit Pregnancy, Aveeno Positively Ageless Rejuvenating Serum is a good anti-aging cream for pregnant women.
It has a mild peeling effect, and is thus used to chemically exfoliate skin to help with acne. While providing your skin with some natural color (though you should not expose your skin to the point that you burn or tan deeply), small amounts of sun exposure during pregnancy can help increase your vitamin D levels and provide mood-boosting effects to combat pregnancy depression. Little, of any, of these products is absorbed through the skin; however, breathing in these chemicals for extended periods of time may be a concern. Generally, red raspberry leaf, ginger, and peppermint leaf, are considered safe and even beneficial during pregnancy when taken in the amounts contained in foods or teas. While it has been linked in one study to low birth weight in girls, the evidence against its use in pregnancy is not conclusive and some experts say its benefits (preventing skin cancer) outweighs its potential risks. I was expecting some products for melasma, more for skin troubles, swelling and even some pampering things.
Read on to discover which products you should avoid during pregnancy and what to replace them with.
While oral retinoids, such as the acne medication Accutane, are especially dangerous during pregnancy, topical retinoid creams, such as those found in certain prescription anti-aging and acne medications, are thought to be dangerous during pregnancy as well. While DHA is not absorbed by the skin, particles of this chemical tanning agent may be inhaled during application, particularly when spray-on products are used.
While some doctors may approve an occasional hair dye or treatment during pregnancy, be sure your facility is well-ventilated or take the proper ventilation precautions if dying your hair yourself at home.

Unfortunately, these substances are not typically listed on product labels; however, there are some ways you can avoid them.
To help ease your mind a bit, note that if you are applying the product to a small amount of your skin surface area (less than 10 percent), the risks are relatively low. While salicylic acid has only been shown to cause birth defects and other pregnancy complications when taken orally, it is also best to avoid topical salicylic acid as well. The effects on pregnant women have not been extensively studied, but it is best to avoid this product in pregnancy. To be on the safe side, avoid getting any hair treatments in your first trimester of pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you have questions or concerns about these or other chemicals found in health and beauty products in regards to your pregnancy. It contains lemon peel, a green tea extract and cucumber, to not only fight bacteria, but to also provide your skin with antioxidants.You can purchase Belli's Anti-Blemish Facial Wash for $22. It helps to control pimples, acne and blemishes.You can apply it all over your face or the spots where you experience acne breakout. As well, it has organic mint to help soothe your skin, along with other botanicals.You can purchase Kiss My Face Botanical Acne Gel for $19.

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