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Melbourne’s retail scene has been booming for quite some time, and now acne studios joins in with a brand new store at the Strand Mall.
This 5000 square feet store for Acne Studios is situated in Eastern Columbia building, the 1930s glamorous art deco building in downtown LA. Inspired by its Stockholm base, ACNE has designed a 4000 sq ft flagship store at 33 Greene Street, Soho.

The shop is sparsely furnished with boxy displays in a matching grey and an occasional contrasting red.
The repetetive interior in reflective untreated aluminum, witch sits on a pink terrazzo floor, contrasts to the aesthetically historical area and sets a pronounced space for Acne Studios on the west coast. Hot Pink and Black steel pillars support the ceiling and punctuating the ceiling is a combination of three track spotlighting and bespoke LED lighting designed by ACNE.

Conceptualized by Acne Studios’ creative director Jonny Johannson, the retail setting is divided into intimate sections of perforated aluminium screens, along which sleek clothing racks are attached.

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