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Hi am 16years old and I have terrible acne.I live in sierraleone n av tried almost every available in our country I think. I hv acne around my chin n mounth…it gets worse when my periods r near and when its humid. I have been having acne since couple of years already tried more than a month antibiotics, ointments, Proactive etc. Some people says sometime you have to keep taking homeopathic medicine it works if you stop the issues starts.

Now my acne is back again,this time am seeking for a permanent solution with no sideeffects and heard that homeopathy does it very effectively. Hi Vikash, I am amrita a software engineer.I have been suffering from acne vulgaris for 1 year.
Hello, I am taking homoepathic treatment for acne and I can see there are even more breakouts now..
I have tried many medicines including (ProActiv, AcneClear, Neutrogena, Tazo, Erythromycine, etc etc.).

Have been using Xtraderm to treat acne but unfortunately, when i stop using it they recurrs.

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  1. Bakinka_111
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