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Facials Albuquerque LuLu’s Spa Boutique offers a wide array of the specialty facials Albuquerque has been waiting for, along with advanced skin care which can benefit all ages and skin types. To book your facial appointment with LuLu’s Spa Boutique, the most sumptuous facials Albuquerque has to offer, call (505) 369-1680 today.
For moderate to severe acne, we may add Levulan, a safe, naturally occurring topical chemical. AlluraDerm MD Med Spa is a physician-supervised medical spa serving the Albuquerque metro area. If you are like many of our clients, you're looking for more than just a "nice, relaxing" Albuquerque facial. If you are fighting Acne, the Albuquerque Facial Treatment for Acne is the solution for you. Schedule a FREE consultation with us today so that together we can control your acne, prevent acne bacteria from coming back, and get you moving on with your life feeling confident and beautiful.

This technology combined with the latest physician-only cosmeceuticals, provide you with a state-of-the-art acne care program second to none. To treat acne where it begins, the revolutionary Aramis™ laser uses a patented wavelength to penetrate the skin's layers to the depth where sebaceous glands are located. The Omnilux™ blue light kills acne producing bacteria while the red light turns off the inflammatory cascade.
Think of it as an Albuquerque acne facial that is more effective than topical treatments alone.
The laser thermally alters the reactors in the sebaceous gland thereby reducing the size of the gland, reducing oil and bacteria production, and subsequently the number of resulting acne lesions. Through continuous education and applying cutting-edge treatments in the facial skin care industry, we have mastered the treatment of dehydrated, sensitive, oily, acne, and ethnic skin types. Our Albuquerque Facial treatments are the perfect place to begin with starting anew to achieve younger, healthier skin.

Our Albuquerque Facial treatments are customized specifically for your unique skin type needs. Levulan is placed on the skin and gets incorporated into damaged cells, bacteria that cause acne, and oil glands in the skin. If this sounds like you, let us encourage you that we can help you finally win the fight against your acne, with our Albuquerque Acne Facial Series and healing facial products. The Omnilux™ blue light activates the Levulan which then shrinks the oil glands and eliminates damaged skin and acne- causing bacteria as well. Our Anti-Aging Gold & Caviar Facial is the optimal solution to rejuvenate and renew aging skin.

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