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The soles of your feet and your palms are the only parts of our body that are safe from acne. The American Academy of Dermatology lists excess oil, bacteria, clogged pores and inflammation as the underlying causes of acne, while acknowledging that the precise cause has yet to be determined. Research has indicated that stress and hormonal fluctuations may play a role in triggering acne.
Benzoyl peroxide is a common acne-fighting ingredient found in both over-the-counter and prescription acne body washes. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Grapefruit contains the maximum strength concentration of salicylic acid recommended by dermatologists.
Overview If you have acne on your face, you're more likely to have pimples on your body as well. Sebaceous follicles are everywhere else, and where a sebaceous follicle lies, acne can develop. When the body produces too much sebum, pores can be become clogged, bacteria can grow and infection and inflammation can occur.

Salicylic acid tends to be a bit more effective than benzoyl peroxide when it comes to treating body acne, but everyone's skin responds to treatment differently.
Phisoderm Anti Blemish Body Wash and Oxy Body Wash are additional drugstore acne body washes that keep body breakouts under control. While there are no specific foods that cause acne, certain foods may play a role in exacerbating pimples. The cleanser needs to be effective enough to kill harmful bacteria and prevent infection, but mild enough to prevent excessive drying, which can make acne worse.
Proactive Solution Deep Cleansing Wash and Murad Acne Body Wash are dermatologist created brands formulated with salicylic acid. Whether you suffer from cystic acne, whiteheads or blackheads, the proper body wash is imperative. The foods that set off acne are different for everyone, so it is a matter of trial and error to identify those foods you are sensitive to.
Either use a body wash that contains alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate the skin, or supplement your body wash with a body scrub three times a week to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and refresh the skin.

Body washes typically contain anywhere from a 2 percent to 10 percent concentration of benzoyl peroxide. Over the counter salicylic acid body washes contain anywhere from .5 percent to 2 percent salicylic acid, whereas prescription body washes may have concentrations as high as 5 percent. Body acne can be significantly reduced if you consistently wash with a body wash designed to fight pimples.
Acne body washes typically contain either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to help treat existing pimples and prevent new spots from forming. The American Academy of Dermatology warns against washing and scrubbing the skin too much, which will only irritate the skin.

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