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The Edge Program is a middle school based youth ministry program for students in grades 6th through 8th. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Warning: No helmet can prevent serious head or neck injuries a player might receive while participating in football. NO HELMET CAN PREVENT SERIOUS HEAD OR NECK INJURIES A PLAYER MIGHT RECEIVE WHILE PARTICIPATING IN FOOTBALL.
4) Helmet protection will be reduced seriously by some applied common substances without damage being visible to the user. The warranty on helmet shells is five (5) years for polycarbonate (Varsity) helmets and three (3) years for ABS (Youth) helmets from the original date of purchase, provided there has been normal use and proper maintenance. 1) Failure to have the helmet reconditioned at least every two (2) years by a NOCSAE Licensed Reconditioner.
Remove the rubber valve with needle nose pliers or Riddell T-nut Extractor Tool (part #27514) and pull straight out.
Integral part of the Patented Side Impact Protection, extended jaw flap offers enhanced side protection, as compared to traditional helmets, by covering more of the mandible. Integral part of the Patented Side Impact Protection, interior liner extends into the mandible area to increase energy attenuation and side protection.
Increased shell offset manages a broad range of impact types without compromising response to higher-level impacts.

Flexibility engineered into the helmet's shell, face mask and face mask attachment system with hinge clips reduces impact force transfer to the athlete.
Strategic combination of padding materials inside of the helmet absorb impact energy and retain their position and purpose over extended durations of play. A ratchet-style chin strap attachment system developed based on elite player feedback and designed for easy, efficient adjustments that can keep up with the game's faster pace and offer a new way to help secure proper fit each play. High Strength Spring Stainless Steel; thinner and lighter, high performance face mask improves sightlines and field vision for the athlete.
FLEXLINER: Flexible liner, designed to conform to various head shapes, providing comfort and helmet stability.
There is more fun in hunting with the handicap of the bow than there is in hunting with the sureness of the gun. This is in violation of the football rules and such use can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis or death to you and possible injury to your opponent. It is recommended that your helmet be reconditioned every year by a Riddell Factory Authorized Reconditioner. Attachment of a guard, face mask or component of another manufacturer or mismated material. Use of cleaners, waxes or paints of another manufacturer or failure to follow recommended cleaning an painting instructions. This is done by lubricating the new valve with water and inserting it into the retainer with the inflation needle.

OVERLINER: Removable, moisture-resistant liner cover with antimicrobial properties built in to protect the product provides comfort and stability.
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I'm assuming that the module adjustability allow there to be a wall instead of a non draw specific bow like the Genesis???? Proper maintenance requires reconditioning of your helmet at least every two (2) years by NOCSAE Licensed Reconditioner using only new factory replacement liners in the reconditioning process.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Symptoms include: loss of consciousness or memory, dizziness, headache, nausea or confusion.
If you have symptoms, immediately stop playing and report them to your coach, trainer and parents. Do not return to a game or practice until all symptoms are gone and you have received medical clearance.

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