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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The undergraduate psychology program at Palm Beach Atlantic University will educate you in the content and methods of various sub-specialty areas of scientific psychology, and will critically evaluate them from a Christian perspective. The Christian focus of the department will enable you to investigate the full range of secular psychology. Your understanding of human behavior, and development of interpersonal skills can also open doors for you in the communication field. I have been getting some nice emails of late from people who are considering a music psychology postgraduate degree, and who want to know how best to prepare for such a course.
If you are thinking to apply for another UK course, such as Goldsmiths or Roehampton, or any other course in the World, then please take this advice as rough only and contact the course directors directly to get exact guidance. Level needed: A music psychology masters course will not typically include any lectures on music theory.
Level needed: Applicants for our course are expected to be familiar with the concepts of empirical research.
Advice: If the above questions are mostly new to you then you need to think about a little extra training before beginning your course. Advice: Having said this, I know from the experiences of my hard working students that it can be difficult to keep up with the statistics teaching if you have no background in the subject at all. Siu-Lan Tan, Peter Pfordresher and Rom Harr (2010) Psychology of Music: From Sound to Signficance. Conferences are a great way to learn about the type of research that is out there and the latest findings. Thanks so much for running this website, it is by far the most useful resource I have come across in my research so far! I am currently studying for an Honours degree in Music with The Open University, however, I have become increasingly interested in the field of Music Psychology: I am therefore diverting my focus with effect from October 2013 and wondered if you could offer me some advice on the study route I should take? Post MA I am considering working towards a PhD relating to music and its effects on the autistic mind.
I have contacted the BPS on this matter, but so far they have only stated that, on graduation, I should apply to them for special dispensation (through the OU) to be accepted as a member of the Society: they are unable to provide any guidance on the field of Music Psychology. I fully appreciate how busy you must be, however if you are able to spare any time at all to help me I would be very grateful. I am currently studying a bachelors of arts, majoring in music studies and minoring in psychology.
Erm I live in Ghana and I am quite passionate abt wanting to know how music affects human action.I have a few questions.

I am currently a final year undergrad studying psychology and wanted to know what work experience would be beneficial for me to undertake as I am planning on pursuing a career in music psychology as I am passionate about music. I have already developed my final year dissertation (psychology research project) where I am investigating the effects of pre-selected music and preferred music on pre-test anxiety levels. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention.
The department presents the secular and biblical aspects of psychology in an integrative manner.
So today I am going to lay out a few pieces of general advice for postgraduate students thinking about taking up music psychology.
I work at the University of Sheffield which boasts 3 courses in music psychology that focus on the science of understanding how music affects the brain and body (with 1 focusing specifically on education and 1 designed specially for musicians). Many of the lecturers will present music stimuli (western music notation), so it would be advantageous to be able to read music.
So if you are just a very enthusiastic music listener but have not had a music lesson outside school then don’t panic! It might also be worth finding a good local music teacher and asking if they can give you a few lessons on music theory just so you can begin your course with a good basic ability to read music and a lexicon of music terms at your fingertips.
This amounts to knowledge of how research psychologists investigate questions how our minds and behaviour operate. From my personal point of view I do not recommend trying to do this from a book alone, although there are very good books out there. You need statistical knowledge to be able to read music psychology literature and to do your own piece of research. Applicants for our course are expected to be familiar with at least some of the music cognition literature. Do you think a ‘Discovering Psychology’ module in the Open University would provide enough background in basic experimental psychology or should it be a more advanced course than that? I don’t know the OU course so it is really hard for me to know if it would be enough.
You will also see that I never presume to offer personal advice to people about choosing courses as it is your precious life to make decisions about, not mine. I have considered postgraduate study and have slowly been identifying what I want to do as a career.
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They are accomplished scholars who are sought after to lend their expertise and to speak at state and national conferences. There are also likely to be references to constructs within music theory, such as scale structure, tonality and names for music notation.
You can teach yourself about music notation and structure before you begin the course using any number of music theory guides.
This will give you the best chance of understanding the papers you will read from Day 1 of your course, and put you in the best position to design your own piece of research for your dissertation.  Your local University might do a short course on psychology for graduates as a reasonable fee.
In particular the introduction to the Field (2009) book will give you a great background on why we use statistics in psychology.
Sometimes they can be a bit pricey but there are also free events now and again, so keep an eye out. I also love psychology and I’m hoping to take such a course when I graduate from high school. I’m currently in the final year of my BMus degree and am looking to spend the next year gaining teaching and performing experience along with the necessary skills to apply to a Music Psychology course. My best advice is to contact the course leaders for the music psychology courses to which you think you would to apply at the end of your gap year. It was at the Psychology4Graduates conference in London last month that made me realise what I want to do in my life.
This amounts to fairly basic music theory but knowledge of this before you start is important. You might also consider a correspondence based introduction course, such as the Open University.
Statistics for social scientists is about knowing what kinds of tests to employ to find out if the results from your research are significant. Some universities may do a special summer or short course that you can take, or modules from their own psychology courses. If you have a good idea how to answer these types of questions then you are likely to have good enough background knowledge of psychology theory.

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