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We are an Ontario based First Aid and CPR training provider for businesses, groups, associations and individuals.
Corporations, schools and groups can book private training sessions while individuals and small groups can register for one of our many public courses at one of our professional training facilities throughout Ontario. No Private company in Canada has more training facilities or offers more public courses than First Aid 4U.

If you need help please contact us by email or call 1-866-966-4566 to speak with one of our customer service team.
Your pet is your family, and the American Red Cross wants you to know how to care for your furry friend.Today, the Red Cross launched the Pet First Aid App for iPhone and Android users.
First Aid 4U offers WSIB approved First Aid and CPR training courses throughout OntarioA and we are one of the fastest growing training companies in Canada.

With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice ita€™s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.A a€?We understand the important emotional role that pets play in the lives of families and this tool helps pet owners learn how to recognize health problems and when to contact the veterinarian,a€? said Leighton Jones, Chief Disaster Officer of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts.

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