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I have many happy memories of playing board games with my family–Battleship with my brother, The Game Of Life with my parents, and Trivial Pursuit with everyone else.
These ideal survival foods will of course need to be stored the right way in order to retain their practically never-ending shelf life. You’ll need to be really careful about keeping these completely dry and free from moisture, but if you can manage to store these in air-tight containers, they will keep for an incredibly long period of time. Although some of these food items will change texture, thickening or hardening over time, they will only change in terms of taste.
Seasonings are also excellent survival foods, as they’re food that lasts forever, and only get weaker in strength of taste over long periods of time.
While these foods will likely change in taste after some time, they remain safe to eat indefinitely. Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here!
This is the first I’ve heard of Flour, Corn starch, and Baking soda being nonperishable.
Definitely a controversial subject, but I thought I’d put the article out there anyway, at least as a gateway to a discussion.
As much as we (myself included) love to talk about gear, self-defence, knives, ammo stockpiles, etc., basic sustenance is by far the most important factor in long-term survival (as is that water storage problem), and I think it should be discussed more, even though of course it is more controversial.
What about unopened flour, rice, beans and sugar in its original packaging and then vacuumed sealed by a food saver of sorts?
When I was young, board games were one of the funnest ways for a group of people to pass the time.
This article lists non-perishable food items that not only have long shelf lives, but if taken care of properly, these foods stand a chance of never going bad within your lifetime.
The absolute best place to keep a food stockpile is in a dark, cool, and dry spot, free of humidity, moisture, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures. These survival foods never spoil, and will still remain edible long after their flavour has changed. According to some sources, if you simply keep them unused, in an air-tight container and completely free of humidity and moisture, and you’re likely to never have to buy them again. Like with the base ingredients, keep these in an air-tight container, free of moisture and humidity, and they’re likely to never expire.

The best way to keep these non-perishable foods is in an airtight container, free of moisture, and in a dark, cool spot, away from sunlight. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"!
But I had to include a few sweets on my list, especially since I was always a sucker for gobstoppers as a kid – at least they’re great energy boosts!
Rice and salt are up on that list because so long as you keep them in proper storage (no moisture, no air, so vacuum sealed counts!), they should last a very long time.
But I’m not quite sure how long flour or beans would last at their very longest, personally! But with the advent of the Internet, access to thousands of movies and TV shows, and ever-advancing video games, most people have forgotten about board games. An Herbal Adventure Game – Your grandmother needs huckleberries for a pie, so you and your friends travel up a mountain in search of berries and other herbs. The rules are simple, but you’ll have to make quick decsions as each game only lasts 15 minutes (it even comes with a 15-minute soundtrack to accompany the game). Keeping consumables in an air-tight container, or better yet, vacuum packed, is also very important to increasing shelf life. If it smells off, has become too soft, or has developed mold, it’s better not to eat the item. This type of storage will keep your non-perishable food condiments tasting better for longer.
It will last a good 10+ years at times, so it has a reasonably long shelf life, but definitely not as long as I thought it would last, so it’s off the list! Along the way, you’ll have to identify real wild edibles and medicinal herbs, learn what to use them for, and make it home before nightfall. Work with others, find food and shelter, meet other survivors, and discover the truth about the zombie virus.
Alcohol also has disinfectant and medicinal properties, so keeping it stocked, especially when it never goes bad, is definitely a good idea for any prepper. That being said, I don’t know enough about the safety of irradiated foods to have an informed opinion on them.
You and the other players start in a fallout shelter and make your way to several base locations.

The game includes ten different scenarios on ten different maps, but you can download new scenarios from the official website. Along the way you’ll have to gather food, water, guns, ammo, and other supplies if you want to survive the next zombie attack. Each player controls a squad and earns points for killing zombies, fortifying bases, and accomplishing specific goals. Plan your routes carefully to include areas that have supplies, and fight off raiders while you’re at it. You can use your supplies, but don’t use too many because you need a certain amount to win the game.
Your group travels into the woods with nothing but binoculars, cameras, and some other equipment. Outdoor Survival – This is another cooperative game where you play together instead of against each other.
To survive, you’ll have to find food and water, avoid dangerous animals, and stay healthy. This game is a great introduction to outdoor survival techniques for children and new preppers. To do so, you’ll need to gather resources (brick, grain, lumber, wool, and ore) and build roads and cities. This is one of the most popular strategy board games ever made, not only because it’s fun, but also because the modular nature of the board makes it very replayable. The Walking Dead – Take on the role of Rick, Shane, Andrea and other characters from the The Walking Dead as you battle your way through walker-infested Atlanta.
You’ll have to gather supplies, search for weapons, and make allies if you want to reach your destination.

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