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For people who work with children such as teachers, nursery nurses, child minders and parents our Paediatric First Aid Course will provide the training required to feel competent in their ability to respond to an emergency. After completion of the course participants will have the knowledge and skills to administer first aid to children who have suffered from anything from a simple bruise or cut to concussion. Our Paediatric First Aid Courses are designed to give First Aiders the confidence to provide basic life support, treat cuts, fractures, burns, and eye injuries and also to have an understanding of childhood illness such as asthma, meningitis and febrile convulsions..
All our First Aid Courses are flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs depending on your type of work place and the time you have available. The two-day course satisfies the guidelines and criteria as laid down by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and OFSTED.
If you have any questions or if you would like to enquire about booking a course please do not hesitate to contact us.
The two day paediatric first aid courses in London (which meets the early years foundation stage) is designed to ensure you meet the requirements of your registration as an early years provider as well as ensuring you receive the training required to deal with young children in an emergency situation. The two day paediatric first aid courses in London are designed at giving parents and carers confidence, practical ability and knowledge of dealing with ill and injured children and babies. The 2 day paediatric first aid courses in london – Meeting EYFS guidanced, are primarily imed at those working in child-care settings, but it will be useful for anyone with responsibility for caring for infants and children. This course meets the requirements for the EYFS and links to the common core skills of the early years foundation stage.
First Aid for specific medical conditions,   epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, asthma, meningitis, sickle cell &   haemophilia. Illness recognition and management Legislation,   Ofsted, NCMA & PLA policy and first aid kits.
Delegates will be assessed throughout the course and will be externally assessed at the end of the Course. Successful delegates will be presented with a qualification lasting 3 years, a first aid manual and a HSE approved certificate upon successful completion of the course. Did you know that we also run 1 day Paediatric first aid courses, The topics are the same as the above course but not covered in the same depth. We are confident that we can offer you a competitive price for all your Training requirements. Remember, however, that you should always seek medical advice and guidance before taking action in case of emergency. This online training is purely for guidance purposes only and does not replace practical training. This online children’s first aid course is suitable for anyone who lives or works with children, for example parents, carers, after-school club workers and sports team coaches, helpers and volunteers etc.
The course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn new first aid skills or refresh their existing knowledge. If you are looking for a course to comply with Ofsted's requirements, please contact your local authority.
If you wish to try this course then register for a demo by clicking the 'interactive demo' button.
Secondary Areas Part 1 – putting a child and an infant in the recovery position, choking, wounds, bleeding and shock. Secondary Areas Part 2 – burns, eye injuries, head injuries, fractures, spinal injuries and amputation.

Care for children suffering from allergic reactions, bites, nose bleeds, diabetes, epilepsy, high temperatures and hyperventilation. Deal with and respond to fainting, sprains and strains, poisoning, smoke inhalation, hypothermia, electric shock and croup.
An online course designed to train individuals who will be taking on the role of designated fire warden in their workplace. This advanced safeguarding children course is designed to help managers develop the best practice through effective management skills and understanding of roles within the child protection system. A first aider within the workplace will probably never be called upon to administer anything more than very minor first aid during their working life.
Current legislation dictates that the only "clinical" qualification needed for somebody to become a first aid instructor is to hold a valid First Aid at Work Certificate, awarded following completion of a three day first aid at work course. Here at First Medical Aid, we are NHS Ambulance Service trained personnel and are universally accepted as the "gold standard" in pre-hospital care.
Our professional tutors at First Medical Aid can offer you the very best in first aid training. Restaurants are a working environment in which members of staff with first aid training is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re a coach, bus or lorry driver, there will be times in your working life when members of the public could have an accident or suddenly be taken ill within your vehicle. Here at First Medical Aid we offer a range of different first aid courses throughout the South East of England, including paediatric first aid.
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We're delighted to be able to offer a two-day Paediatric First Aid course here at BGU, ideal for those who work or intend to work in a childcare setting.
This course will also cover how to assess an emergency situation, the best course of action when dealing with an unresponsive infant or child as well as learning CPR, the recovery postition and accident recording. By completing this course you'll receive a QA Level 3 Award Certificate (valid for 3 years) as well as an additional certificate from North East Medical Services in the use of the Epipen autoinjector, used to relieve anaphylactic shock. Click here to check out the leaflet for further information including prices, dates and times. If you're interested in attending this course, or would like more information please email our Project Officer Gemma Fogg or calling 01522 583621. If you’re a healthcare worker caring for babies and children, Paediatric First Aid training is essential.
This paediatric first aid course is essential for childcare workers, support workers and everyone working with babies and children.
For more information, you can download the Parents’ First Aid training information here. Unity Training’s range of courses are designed, developed and delivered by professional healthcare trainers.

For availability, bookings and general enquiries, email Unity Training or phone 0845 034 6410 * today. Both courses are designed as a basic First Aid Course for parents and professionals working with children. From just ?99 you could learn what to do in the event of a child or baby becoming unwell, to assist until professional help arrives.
The two day paediatric first aid courses in London are designed at giving parents and carers confidence, practical ability and knowledge of dealing with ill and injured children and babies and is ideal for anyone who works within a childcare environment. This course meets the requirements for first aid training in early year’s settings and links to the common core skills of the early years foundation stage. The level and type of training that is appropriate will be determined by the company’s risk assessment. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo! Upon completion, they will have a strong understanding of fire safety and their specific duties, including upholding fire safety arrangements and managing evacuation procedures.
This is a great attribute to your workplace, as it generally means that your company adheres to stringent safety practices and that you have a healthy workforce.
In simple terms, your appointed person has probably been trained by somebody with only text book knowledge and simulation experience. Not only will we train your members of staff to the highest of standards, but we'll also give your appointed person the confidence to deal with any medical emergency should one arise. A busy kitchen area as well as a dining area, (at times full of customers) mean injuries and sudden illness could potentially occur.
As a professional driver it is your job to ensure your passengers are safe on their journey, or given the correct medical assistance should they become a casualty.
Our course is designed for professionals that look after infants and children up to the age of eight years old. You need to know how to deal with emergencies and accidents, not only to protect the children in your care, but to fulfil your legal requirements.  This Paediatric First Aid Level 2 training is Ofsted compliant.
With a wide range of courses, keeping your staff’s mandatory training up-to-date has never been easier.
Candidates will learn essential practical and theoretical skills, so they can deal competently with situations that may arise when caring for children and babies.
However, should the unthinkable occur, are you confident that your appointed member of staff has received the best training to effectively deal with the problem?
That's a bit like being trained to pilot a commercial jet by somebody who's never flown an aeroplane but has never crashed a simulator. This is why here at First Medical Aid we stress the importance of all drivers being professionally first aid trained.
To book your places or check availability, please contact Unity Training *protected email* or by phone on 0845 034  6410. Candidates will learn essential practical and theoretical skills, so they can deal competently with situations that may arise when caring for children and babies. Paediatric first aid courses can be run directly at your business or a venue of your choice.

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