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We provide AU students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff with expert advising, leadership in experiential education, current information and resources, and networking opportunities on and off campus, as well as online.
Anna advises CAS students on a variety of career topics, such as choosing a major or career path, identifying and evaluating job or internship opportunities, and writing an effective resume or cover letter.
Jennifer Carignan advises undergraduate and graduate students in AU’s nationally-ranked School of Public Affairs.
John advises first-year graduate students in the School of International Service as well as all AU students pursuing international internships.
The #1 Skill Employers want YOU to have… Oral CommunicationThis is the first in a series of blogs that will highlight the key skills that employers seek.

If you’ve searched for a job or internship, you’ve seen this requirement in one form or another. Answered a customer’s question or resolved their concern through explaining a policy or procedure? Persuaded a colleague or classmate to adopt an idea or to use a particular approach to solve a problem? So, before you write your next cover letter or head out the door to your next interview, consider how you’ve developed this very important skill.
Take advantage of classroom opportunities to be a presenter- don’t cop out in a group presentation and let your teammate do all the talking. The Career Center teaches undergraduates, graduate students and alumni to develop educational and career goals, decision-making skills and job search strategies needed to manage their professional and academic pursuits. She also helps students to develop networking skills, practice interviewing, and better understand their interests, skills, and work values through career related self-assessments. In this capacity, she guides students through the process of finding and applying for challenging and fulfilling career and internship opportunities.

His primary function is to work with students in individual sessions on applications for internships, jobs and fellowships. According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), the ability to communicate orally is the number one competency sought by employers. How can you demonstrate to an employer that you have “strong” or “excellent” oral communication skills? Most employees must be able to effectively communicate with internal and external customers. Provide the employer with specific examples drawn from your academics, work experience, and extracurricular activities.  Articulate these experiences well, and you will have taken the first step to demonstrating competency (even excellence) in oral communication. So, what does it mean to have strong oral communication skills, and how does your degree prepare you to use oral communication skills in the workplace?  The good news is that your American University degree and campus experiences do develop this skill- whether you’ve majored in the liberal arts and sciences or business.

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