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We eventually set out at 10 pm, walking across Everest’s South Col in the dark, accompanied by my Sherpa, Pemba Chirri. As the cold rips my skin and my muscles moan with aching, I think about the body we may have to pass, and how I’ll deal with that horrible experience.
It’s still dark, but I can see electrical storms over the horizon, as well as six head torches above me. My Sherpa keeps shouting over my shoulder for Martin to stop and wait, but due to the lack of oxygen at this altitude we can’t run over to help him quickly. We draw closer to Martin, and just as we do he nearly steps off the ridge, but with some quick maneuvering we grab his foot and get it back on the route. If I go higher and lose my sight I might not make it back down, I think, the fear overwhelming me. My mind resets and I move forward, continuing the climb up the Hillary Step, pushing myself the final thirty-five minutes to the summit. Ian and Graham Kinch (pictured below, with shovel) did climb four world peaks, culminating in Mount Everest, and raised money through Fields of Life to build the new Mount Everest Primary School in Kitandwe, Uganda.
Dateline NBC has collected survival stories from Nepal including those from the heroic helicopter pilot who saved the climbers. Over the past two days, the wounded were flown down through the valley and off to Kathmandu, and the climbers stranded on the mountain itself were shuttled down to Base Camp by helicopters, with over 100 flights required to bring everyone down safely. Ski mountaineer, environmental scientist, and author Jon Kedrowski was at Everest Basecamp when the earthquake struck. Kedrowski and team, none of whom were injured, spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Base Camp looking for survivors. I’ve spent the last three years preparing physically and mentally for this challenge. My mind wanders to the last three Irish people who tried climbing Everest before me, who all nearly lost their lives high on this mountain. About seven hours in, I reach the South Summit of Everest and sit alone in the dark, sipping some water. Finally, after ten minutes, we move Martin around us and on his way back to the South Summit with his Sherpa, where he will hopefully regain his vision. The ground soon becomes easier to cover, and for the first time I see the actual summit in the distance.
He has died probably of lack of oxygen and exhaustion on his way back.Hristov has been missing since heading for Everest last Thursday.
It also caused an avalanche near Mount Everest, where at least 1,000 climbers had been when the earthquake struck. At least 19 people died on the mountain, according to Nepal’s tourism ministry, and dozens more were injured. We’re at 8,000 meters high on Mount Everest, preparing for our upcoming climb into the higher realm of the Death Zone.

I’ve spent the past 8 weeks living in the Himalayas, climbing up and down, higher each time on the mountain, acclimatizing to the low levels of oxygen in the environment. Focus on the present and doing the right things you have trained to do to keep yourself alive. We’re 8,717 meters above sea level on a half meter wide ridge, with a 10,000 foot drop to our right and an 8,000 foot drop to our left.
I take out my Irish flag and logos, hand my video cameras to my Sherpa, and snap a few pictures on the summit. Three climbers of the Bulgarian expedition reached the summit and returned safe before him.Hristov is the ninth Bulgarian to climb Everest and the second to die there. For a time as many as 200 other climbers were stranded on the mountain, after the earthquake and avalanches destroyed the route through the Khumbu Icefall.
Check back for updates as we hear from more climbers and guides who tell us their stories of survival.
He found people impaled by tent poles, bashed in the head with rocks, and one man who’d broken both legs when the avalanche hurled him into the air.
We wanted to climb four mountains on four continents in one year, and to build the Mount Everest Primary School in Uganda with the Irish charity Fields of Life.
As Belgian climber Jelle Veyt tweeted from the mountain, ironically, Mother Nature was on their side after the avalanche. Kedrowski has since left Base Camp for the lower elevation village of Namche Bazaar, where he and his team are waiting for the commercial flights to resume out of Luklu before descending further.
I had failed at many things already, but this was my chance to do something big, something that would not only be for myself, but something that would eventually help others. This North side expedition is organized by the Federation of Bulgarian Alpine Clubs to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first Bulgarian ascent on Everest, when four of the climbers succeeded in making the second traverse of Everest by climbing up the West Ridge of the peak and down the southeast. Now three of the summiteers returned 20 years later, to attempt Everest from the North side and without oxygen. The other returning summiteers were Nikolay Petkov, who later also scaled Dhaulagiri in 1997 and Ivan Valchev (also Makalu 1998 without oxygen). Other team members were Zveta Misheva to become the first Bulgarian woman to summit Everest, Petko Totev (Broad peak 2001), Stanimir Zhelyazkov (Broad peak 2001), Ivan Temelkov, Doychin Boyanov, Christo Christov (Thalay Sagar 2003, new route), and Karina Salova (Shisha Pangma Foresummit 1999, physician). Not sure how far he made, but he is back down in Camp III safe now, allbeit, extremely, extremely tired. I might have mentioned this before, but going without oxygen is like running a 100 mile marathon and going with oxygen is like running maybe a 25 mile. Maybe this isn't the best comparison, but the point it is going without oxygen is in another league of climbing.25 years old, geez, I'm almost 27, and once you're 27 you might as well be 30.
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Mike Brown (Serac Films - ed note) has a great digital camera with a huge lens, so he got this wonderfull picture from Base Camp.

He's also filled us in on the scoop with the route.Camp II is where the fun starts, 7800m - you climb up into the 8000m realm and arrive at Camp III, 8300m, in 4 or 5 hours.
Marhsall and I have been trying to really slow ourselves down to conserve energy, or 'your powerfull' as Dmitry says. Maybe we'll leave later to catch more sun, we'll see.What's in the way between Camp III and the summit. This is where you ditch the oxygen cylinder you started from Camp III with for a fresh bottle for the summit.
And as you look down from the second step there's a ledge below, you can see a bunch of dead people there too.
Up high I'll be using the sat phone to try and phone in dispathes upon arrival at Camps as well as during different stages of the summit push. The only crux is the Thuraya satellite is a couple hundred miles right about Ethiopia, south west of us, about 242 degrees.
Being on the Noth side of Everest, the phone might not work in Camp II or Camp III because of the line of site issues.
Our plans put us right in between and right after - Alex's group on the 23rd and Marsh and I on the 25th. That would effectively bring the bottleneck at the step down to 15 people - much more manageable than 30. This is good news because if there is really a second ladder there I plan to get some good shots of Marshall coming up while I'm on the other one. I've got all these ideas running through my head, who knows what'll happen, but I am just staying super positive, and getting myself really psyched up for this. Of course you've got to be super respectfull of the mountain, weather, and your own ability, but that doesn't mean you can't rile yourself up. Who knows, a summit, maybe I get a raging case of the runs, maybe I get too scared, maybe I get too weak. This is all for now."The Russian Adventure team has recently been on trips to Elbrus and Ararat, over in Turkey.
They also ran a successful Everest expedition last year and are running another trip again this year to the big E. Ludmila "Ludi" Koshelenko, the teams BC chef (who bought aprons and over sleeves for the BC cooks in China) is Yuri Koshelenko's wife, and coming with the team to Base Camp to meet her husband. Yuri is climbing the new route on the Everest North Face with the Russian National team and also joined Babanov in their first ascent of the former highest unclimbed mountain in the world – Nuptse East, 7804m last year.

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