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A visit to your local food store will make it painfully obvious that food costs are soaring.A There are many reasons for that. Your input costs will be compost, seed (1 packet of each will be sufficient), water and about 30 minutes of your time per week.
If you are a beginner and you just plant one planting of each crop you can expect to harvest 6 kg bush beans, 10 kg beets and 10 kg Swiss Chard from your small food garden. If you had to buy just one planting of each crop at the aboveA prices you would have burned a R650 hole in your pocket. You’ll have the added advantage of eating veggies grown without harmful chemicals, harvested when at their peak and brought to your table the same day. World War 2 Recycling Posters: What can they tell us about Recycling attitudes during wartime? This week at Toner Giant, we thought we’d venture into a new area of graphic design and print: an area that crosses boundaries, both creatively and politically. We take a look at the posters, not just as artefacts of creative design, but as a reflection of the nation’s attitude and willingness to make a change! Now you have to remember, these were futuristically modern, cutting-edge designs in the 1940’s – and I’d say they’re still very aesthetically pleasing and accessible today – and to walk past one of these would grab your attention immediately.
You had a reason to recycle as many materials as you could when posters and the government were saying it was going to bring us victory. This is something we just can’t relate to today, as multiple recycling campaigns are telling us to do something that a lot of people don’t really understand or maybe they just don’t know why we should do it.
Imagine the great changes we could make if we all got together and helped work towards a brighter future!
Recycling cartridges should be easy for everyone and we’re trying to create a more convenient, user-friendly approach to recycling cartridges.
About Tom HodgsonTom writes for and has a passion for blogging, photography, film and anything creative!
Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? March 12, same time and place as last year.  Please bring seeds to swap with other seed savers, as the community seed table is the heart of our event-every year there are more and better quality home-grown seeds to swap and trade!  Include information about your seeds such as name, type, year grown and a brief description. The story does not focus only on planting, but the planting activity is called Watch Them Grow!
Kathy Rothermel recently accepted a cheque from the Community Foundation of Kingston and Area, on behalf of the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative. Every community should have its own seed bank in the interests of seed-and therefore food- security for all of us. We will also have news pertaining to a grant from the Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security-coming soon!
The Kingston Area Seed System Initiative (KASSI), parent of the Seeds Grow Food project, has been given permission to use one acre of land at the Lakeside Community Gardens site at the corner of Front and Days roads. The plot, which will be used to grow organic heirloom varieties to produce seeds for a community seed bank, was formerly part of the prison farm. 93% of vegetable varieties carried in seed catalogs of the 1900's are now extinct, due to the consolidation of seed production in a few hands. Terminator, or 'suicide,' seeds are programmed to be infertile in the next generation, so farmers are forced to buy their seed, instead of saving it. Seeds that were naturally selected by our ancestors for over 12,000 years, and that are part of the human commons, are now being patented by corporations.

Corporations co-opt public institutions to carry out research that supports their commercial interests, rather than the interests of the public. By growing open-pollinated heirloom varieties and conserving their seed we serve as responsible stewards of our seed heritage. With the growing awareness among everyone towards protection of the greenery; more and more, people these days are getting inclined towards gardening. Before you start to plan about your herb garden it is essential to secure some of the herbs that will be easy to take care of and handle. Whether seed or sapling, sow it in the depth of the soil as recommended to you by the nursery from where you have secured your stuffs.
Place the herbs in the direction of your kitchen where they can get direct sunlight for at least five to six hours a day.
One of the major factors is the rising fuelA cost that affects fresh produce in more than one way.
You can do more than three times that from the same area using the practices discussed in Grow Bigger and Better Backyard Crops.
At Toner Giant, we always love the challenge of getting something new out of an old topic, so read on as we recycle some old ideas, and you never know, you may get a new angle on home-recycling! With no Television*, smartphones or internet, a brightly coloured poster would jump out at you against the bleak backdrop of wireless radio and awful British weather. There was a sense of togetherness in society and that everyone was doing something for the greater good, and this was what made recycling so effective in World War Two; it became a lifestyle, not just something we thought about when we opened the bin.
Of course everybody knows that burning waste and disposing of plastic bags is bad, but are they really thinking of the actual effects and associating that thought with their everyday actions?
As much as we think retro-recycling posters would make a cool addition to any wall, maybe it’s not the answer. We ship large quantities of ink and toner cartridges across the UK each year, and the effect this has on the environment is important to us.
Currently, many recycling schemes available today only accept select brands or cartridge models, and this can make the whole process quite difficult. On top of this, a TV cost the price of a small car today, so they weren’t common in the majority of homes until a decade later.
Many know the detrimental effects these actions have, but because there is no immediate punishment or threat apparent, we see a continuation of carelessness. You know it is common practice for many farmers and gardeners to save the seeds from year to year. The need for fresh oxygen has made the new generation so crazy that they try to find space in the smallest corner of their house to plant some greenery. Thus, select those varieties from your local nursery that have color and are compact in height. Also, be careful to find out that each of the containers have a hole right at the bottom to allow proper drainage of water during watering. Choose compact herbal plants for your window sills like basil, lavender, parsley, mint, etc.
Affix fluorescent lamps at a distance between 18 inches with the plants, for at least ten hours a day, if your kitchen window does not have access to direct sunlight. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
And we can only guess what theA impact of the sharp increase in labour costs will have on our own food bills in the very near future.

Today however, we go 70 years back in time to see how World War Two recycling posters effected how people practised ‘smart-living’ and went about their day-to-day lives. These posters were the YouTube and Twitter of yesterday, and they certainly spoke to people the same way media does today.
The whole, ‘make do and mend’ and ‘stick together’ attitude of wartime Britain meant that there was generally a more collective mindset, and people were willing to give things a shot if it meant they’d get back peacetime, as well as their husbands, fathers and brothers! Probably not, but again, when you’re getting bombed and your food and luxuries are being taken away, the reality of things become a lot more apparent.
Maybe the answer is a mindful connection to the effects of improper waste disposal, but how? Approximately 55 million cartridges are disposed of in landfills each year, and this is amazing considering that 100% of an ink cartridge can actually be recycled, with not one bit of it going to waste – even the container shouldn’t end up in a landfill! A future where recycling ink cartridges is as easy and care-free as putting plastics in the right bin, is one we want to be a part of!
Going for those with spindly structures and elongated heights will be difficult to handle and also not fit for your window sills. Now, create a base layer of approximately one inch in the container, that will consist of sand and perlite.
Repeat watering if necessary and keep them indoors for at least two to three days as they are too tender to withstand direct sunlight right at the moment.
Drain off accumulated water from the drainage saucer and never allow water to stand as that would rot the plant roots. But it’s not all skin-deep beauty, the effectiveness of these designs was translated into a real message for the 1940’s public. This is not to say that Recycling would stop a war the same way it would stop environmental damage, but it was used as a threat in which to act against, and I think that we’re so far away from an actual threat effecting our day to day lives, that the average person doesn’t feel the need to act against it. Activities such as speeding on the highway, producing unnecessary waste or conspicuous consumption should be looked upon with distaste.
You can make a beautiful herb garden in your window sill and protect some of your exotic herbal plants from the harsh blows of weather that they suffer from in your backyard by bringing them under your closed supervision and care.
These materials will not mix with the soil to form mud and will allow easy drainage of water. After two to three days you can take them outdoors and rearrange them on your kitchen window sills as now they are capable enough to tolerate sunlight, air and chill of the climate.
Excluding the fall and peak winters, fertilize the herbs after regular intervals of every two to three weeks.
It was these designs that helped spur along the recycling effort on a visual level every day. Moreover, you will also be benefited by the mood uplifting aroma of different herbs in your kitchen all through the winter.
Never try to jam one container with multiple herbs as each of them have different water requirement, recommended soil chemistry, air and sunlight requirement.

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