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We have listed here the best local food producers, retailers and markets that Gloucestershire has to offer. So if your just passing through or if your lucky enough to live in this marvellous part of the world please remember to support these local food heroes.
Just Rachel Quality DessertsGloucestershire - Manufacturer of top quality, award winning ice creams, sorbets and desserts, all made with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, free from any additives or other nasties. Garden Pro Rose Food 8-14-12 With Kelp Organics is ideal for big, bright rose blooms all summer. Foliar nutrition is the difference; my spuds get up to ?40 per tonne more for their superior quality. Biological farming systems are based on sustainable, ecological soil management practices which maintain and replenish soil fertility by providing optimum conditions for soil biological activity.

At the cornerstone of a healthy soil eco-system is humus which influences and is influenced by every other aspect of the soil. Each group of organisms interacts with each other and the plant and it is these interactions which forms the basis of the Soil Foodweb. Gloucestershire has always produced great food and it is now firmly involved in the real food revolution sweeping the country.
The starting point for this is a full soil analysis.  The aim is to “feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant” but this can only happen in a balanced biologically active soil.
Building soil humus improves the chemical and physical properties as well as the biological health.
Most of the micro-organisms contribute directly to humus formation and the release of nutrients from organic matter.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Please consider it as a reference guide to items we generally stock or have stocked in the past. These organisms – which include bacterial fungi, protozoa, nematodes, mites, springtails and earthworms – perform a complex array of fertility maintenance tasks.

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