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Universal Site Supplies Ltd are suppliers of a vast range of construction and safety products to the construction industry, offering next day national coverage.
Keeping good first aid kits at home, in your car and in the office is really a basic life protection practice. Major innovation in personal healthcare, the E4 Elite is a premium TENS device from Omron and provides quick relief from muscle aches and pains.
With one touch operation, a person can easily select one of the 12 automatic therapy modes.
This pain relief massager eases away aches and pains brought on by day to day stress and physical activity, helping relieve stiff shoulders, chronic back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis or general fatigue.
If you spend a lot of your day sitting at work and possibly soaked in stress, you need this home equipment to work you your body at the end of your day.
Promotes blood circulation and helps build immunity by increasing the activities of the white blood cells in the body. Relax and strengthen your body after a hard day's work and all the stress that goes with it.. Helpful in managing many health conditions by strengthening your body system to cope better. Emergencies often happen unexpectedly, so it’s important to be prepared and take the steps necessary to insure you have the supplies you need in a medical situation.

In 2006, Johnson and Johnson turned to Harry Allen & Associates to re-design the First Aid Kit.
Absolut Machines is a pioneering project that explores what happens when leading-edge technology meets creativity, art and music. Nice looking and efficient, one of the problems with First Aid Kits is they look so old fashioned. Good thing that you redesign your products because nowadays more people wanted that they use new style and designs because of following the latest trend.I like your new design simple but full of purpose because it is a emergency kit. Whether you are a newlywed couple or a family of five, first aid training in the home can greatly increase your family’s safety. This new good looking kit can prove to be very uselful during several injuries and besides this the eye-catching look of the kit is really appreciable.
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Certain health problems also develop suddenly at times, and while full medical attention from health officers must be sought, some first aid attention may prove timely.
If you've overlooked it, that's really nothing to celebrate because you just took a chance, which could have proved costly. A simple first-aid kit that’s easily accessible and portable with all the essential items can make all the difference and prove to be indispensable for providing timely medical treatment.
It is a remarkable journey the Japanese car producer has made (on the US market) over the last decades.

It’s an interactive installation which let online visitors create music together with intelligent machines. Should an accident occur in your home, having proper first aid training could make all the difference.
Our readers share our interest and curiosity in everything from art, architecture, culture, design and fashion to food, innovation, music, sustainability and travel. Get some first aid protection today for you and your family to ensure that quick intervention, should the need arise. While it’s important for parents to have training, children can also take courses such as CPR, fire safety and AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
Unfortunately, we often fail to take a proactive view, believing that all will just be well.
Store it in a dry place and make sure to replace used or outdated contents on a regular basis.
Training your children will not only increase their personal safety, but yours as well if you are ever injured.

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