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Hydra Mendoza (left) and Paul Cheng, both from the San Francisco public school system, are lively participants in the week-long executive education session of the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP), which is co-sponsored by Harvard's Business and Education Schools. That's the impetus behind the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP), a joint venture of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and the Harvard Business School (HBS) launched in October 2003. Superintendent of San Francisco public schools Arlene Ackerman (right) shares her wisdom with other PELP participants. Despite healthy skepticism about business Band-Aids for educational ills, Payzant and 71 other district leaders appeared to be, well, infatuated with leadership and organizational change guru Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration at HBS, as she spoke toward the end of their weeklong stay at Harvard. Giving a sneak preview of her forthcoming book, Kanter engaged the PELP participants with a lively accounting of what she calls winning and losing streaks. Lectures by Kanter and others were the icing on a cake that layered case studies, work sessions among individual district teams, and networking opportunities to create a rich and productive week.
At the core of the curriculum were case studies created by faculty research teams from HGSE and HBS based directly on the districts' needs. Childress notes that a "disguised composite" case, which fashioned a hypothetical school district from an aggregate of data from all nine districts, rang true to districts around the country.
Several superintendents and top administrators admit that they came to Harvard for PELP with reservations.
Jerry Weast, superintendent of Montgomery County (Md.) schools, says PELP is unique among the many Harvard courses he's taken during his nearly three decades as a superintendent. Moving forward through the next two years of PELP, which is funded by a gift from the HBS Class of 1963, the Harvard researchers will continue to tackle districts' challenges as they emerge and shift - and will continue to evaluate PELP's own effectiveness.
San Diego's Bersin, who was recently elected to the University's Board of Overseers, is pleased to play his part in leveraging Harvard's ability to create new knowledge that addresses real-world dilemmas.
Shipping Small Business Logistics to the Cloud News For many small and medium-sized businesses, freight shipping is a time-consuming, costly activity that is difficult to manage effectively. A new generation of cloud-based transportation management platforms is enabling small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to capture the cost and productivity gains associated with large freight management systems. Large organizations have long recognized this, and since the 1990s they have invested in advanced transportation management systems. Freight management for SMBs, on the other hand, typically involves logging on to multiple carrier and broker websites, and collating the information manually. Moreover, owners and executives are almost flying blind when it comes to managing the freight operations that are critical to competitiveness. The new generation of systems eliminates unwieldy, manual processes, and delivers the tactical and strategic information that businesses need to manage shipping activities.
For example, there are online solutions that dramatically cut both the time and money SMBs spend on freight shipping by aggregating and comparing all of their carrier rates on a single screen. Today’s SMBs do not have to endure transportation management practices from a decade ago. From the tennis court to the classroom, tennis star Venus Williams discusses the inspiration behind earning her online degrees. A large number of registrations have been received for this conference and researchers from academic institutions throughout India and abroad would throw light on ‘innovation and talent management’ trends in global business today. The organizers have appealed to the academic community and students to attend this conference and derive maximum advantage for their academic pursuits. In a new video, the group of kids share some of their ambitious goals for the future, and tell us just how they plan to achieve them - no matter how challenging that may be.

With astronomy taught by Buzz Aldrin on the surface of Mars and field trips transporting pupils anywhere in the world via virtual reality, technology is set to change education. Three very different women share the time management techniques they use that help them juggle work, studying and a family life. These five inspiring individuals, including former NFL star Charles Mann (pictured) who is now a CEO, share their stories of how they made the leap from one career to another.
They may liveA thousands of miles apart, but these teachers are all dedicated to empowering their students, whether kids, teenagers or adults. There is no set path to success in the business world - as some of the world's most successful CEOs have shown us.
Tawanda Jones, 44, set up the Camden Sophisticated Sisters in Camden, New Jersey, to provide a 'safe haven' for the city's kids.
Whether it's flipping burgers to pay your way through college or waiting tables right out of school, most of us will have worked jobs that weren't exactly on our planned career paths.
As these seven individuals have shown, having the grit and persistence to return to school after failing the first time around can in fact be the key to success. The one thing these individuals share is a determination to succeed no matter what challenges they face. Programs at the New York Code and Design Academy take students who have no prior knowledge and equip them with the skills needed to get a job in the industry.
In the inspiring video grandfather Tom Donaldson describes how he uses the maritime phenomenon of bioluminescence to create stunning pieces of art.
These celebrities might have Hollywood blockbusters, NBA championships and Calvin Klein campaigns to their names, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten their education. In the latest Elite Daily Disruptive video, Plated opens its doors to show how it has taken on the 'broken' food industry using 21st century technology. We all know that we need to make our resumes stand out to employers - but these job candidates have really taken things to the next level. While most of us settle for free coffee and the occasional personal day, when it comes to office perks these companies have really taken things to the next level.
Many bosses share distinct quirksA that have been picked up by television writers to make some of the most recognizable characters on our screens. Improving their educational outcomes on a district-wide scale, then, requires solutions with equally dynamic complexity. A pioneering collaboration, PELP is a three-year executive education program that unites the faculty resources of both schools to create new knowledge addressing the specific challenges faced by nine participating urban school districts from across the country.
She drew from a broad range of examples - college and professional sports teams, schools, hospitals, a bank in Istanbul, Continental Airlines, and Gillette - to demonstrate the confidence of winners and how losers could harness it to turn their fortunes around. In that case, created by Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership Richard Elmore and HBS's Allen Grossman, professor of management practice, a fictional superintendent grapples with a familiar snarl of challenges.
After all, a week out of the office for a school district's leaders takes its toll on the endless workload back home. But imitation, too, would signal success: PELP's organizers hope that other schools of education and business model collaborations on the PELP model, and that PELP's case studies are broadly disseminated. SMBs can now achieve logistics performance levels that were unimaginable only a few years ago. The trucks that deliver a supplier’s products to customers represent that supplier and reflect its reputation for reliable, cost-effective service.

Using tailored software solutions, they can calculate the rates to be charged by carriers, where these providers operate and their service levels, and make good transportation decisions. Shipping managers often base their decisions on assumptions about carriers and rates derived from incomplete information. They are under relentless pressure to control costs and improve service levels, but do not have even basic analytics about their shipping patterns and freight spending. Freight management solutions that use cloud technology are now available to SMBs, and progressive businesses are using these platforms to transform the logistics function.
Better decision-making translates into cost savings and better customer service; shipping personnel are no longer bogged down in manual processes.
As more SMBs adopt move their freight management to the cloud, new ways to raise the efficiency of their freight operations will open up. New York Times best-selling author and reality star-turned-designer Lauren Conrad wants to fix that.
Vilas Sapkal, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University to be followed by a Key Note Address.  This is a 2-day conference and the research papers to be presented are divided into five tracks. Further details can be had from the Conference Secretary on telephone number 2521932 or 09823088801. Seven-year-old Daisy (top left) hopes to be a crime lawyer, while Charlie (top right), seven, wants to be a teacher, six-year-old Jack intends to be both the president and an astronaut, and Josie (bottom right), three, says would like to be a doctor or a ballerina.
Consider the fact that Richard Branson (left) cut his teeth breeding budgies or Marissa Mayer (center) learnt some of her integral lessons working at a grocery checkout. Natalie Portman has a Harvard degree (top center right), while Eva Longoria (bottom center left) has a Master's from California State University, David Duchovny (top center left) went to two Ivy League schools and Christy Turlington (bottom far left) studied for an MPA at NYU. So what can you do to banish these feelings and achieve everything you want in your career? In all, more than a million students stand to benefit from the Harvard initiative, which hosted leadership teams from those nine districts for a week of executive education at HBS in July. He and PELP senior researcher Stacey Childress are optimistic that PELP is succeeding where other efforts to impose management savvy on educational enterprises have failed. Drawing on the strengths of education insiders and outsiders produces more powerful results, he says. A deputy superintendent resigns due to stress, the student body has grown rapidly and now speaks 60 languages other than English, student achievement gaps widen by race and ethnicity, teacher recruitment and performance evaluation are weak, and budget constraints hamstring proven professional development efforts.
They can print bills of lading and shipping labels and monitor the progress of each shipment.
Executives can access historical cost analyses of freight operations and pinpoint areas of spend. Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal (top far right) was not content with just an MBA and went on to study for a doctorate, Emma Watson (bottom far right) graduated Brown, Ashley Judd (top far left) studied at Harvard Kennedy School and Ed Norton (bottom center right) attended Yale. Meeting customer demands is less challenging because businesses have much more control over product shipments. Here, we take a look at the surprising early jobs of some of the greatest minds in business, and trace how these roles prepared them to overcome the obstacles and challenges in their routes to success.

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