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When it comes to parenthood, one of the most critical items you can purchase is a diaper bag. I am head over heels for the Voyage diaper bag but it has come a long way since I had mine in 2010.
If you remember, last week I announced that we were chosen to be a part of the Earth's Best Blogger Program.
From now until February 28th, you can enter to win the grand prize: a three day, two night vacation for four to Sesame Place!
I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday but I just can't post these pictures without words because this was such a happy and sad night. For the 2nd year in a row, my tween daughter and her friends are still obsessed with everything that has a zebra print on it. The Super Bowl is just a few days away now and I thought this infographic from Hormel was interesting!
If you find yourself in need of some comfort soup, check out these quick and easy recipes below from Hormel! Bacon and Cheddar Soup- The perfect compliment to your favorite salad, this soup features Hormel fully cooked bacon! As a mother of four children, I am always looking for high quality shoes that are going to last more than a few  wears.
My favorite part about these shoes is that they can be worn casually with shorts or you can dress them up with a nice pair of pants. Our other boys have had their Florsheim shoes for awhile now and I can't believe how good they are holding up! One lucky winner is going to receive a $60 Gift Certificate to purchase their own pair of shoes from the Florsheim Kids line! Valentine's Day is just a short time away and if you are like me, you might still be searching for the perfect gift for the man in your life. If you are looking for an inexpensive choice without sacrificing quality, you might also check out the men's titanium wedding bands. Despite all of the new metals available today, a lot of people still prefer men's gold wedding bands and I love the selection at JustMensRings!
Even though I love all of the rings above, my absolute favorite choice would have to be men's silver wedding bands. Other baby shower decor included a blue and white pennant banner and another jarful of cute rubber duckiness plus some children’s books scattered here and there. Of course it wouldn’t be a baby shower without a mother and daughter in cahoots in the corner.
We served chicken salad on croissants using Costco’s rotisserie chicken salad (delicious!) and adding some halved grapes and cashews.
As a baby shower planner, you may be short on time and aren't able to wait for games to be shipped to you - and you don't want to sit at the computer and try to make your own. Get the guests-a-minglin' and feeling at home with one or twoicebreaker baby shower game ideas!Take A Mint - This is a fun baby shower game idea!
Baby Shower Trivia Games - We compiled a list of the most popular baby shower trivia games and show you how to play them! If you are looking for pre-printed game cards that are shipped to you, you can get them here. Name Tag Game - Have name tags for each guest with baby related items printed on them instead of their names. Spoons Game - Connect two spoons with a long piece of rope (about two feet long) then get your guests into two groups start both groups at the same time each person must run the spoons under their clothes and then pass the spoons to the next person in line and so on, the group to get finished the fastest wins!!Hop over to our Girl Baby Shower Games - for fun girly gamesBirthing Your Baby Game (also known as the "My Water Broke Game") - To prepare: freeze ice cube trays almost half way then place a blue or pink plastic baby in the middle and then fill up to the top and freeze some more then when frozen place in a zip lock bag. Pass The Centerpiece Game (also called Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game) -This is a great game to decide who gets to take home the cute Baby Shower Centerpiece! Shake Rattle and Roll Baby Shower Theme Ideas Jul 27, 16 12:55 AMThe cutest Rattle Themed Baby Shower you have ever seen!

A quality diaper bag is important for so many reasons and since a good bag is usually a little on the pricey side, you want to make sure you get one that is not only functional but stylish too. We are super excited to have received some information on the company and I wanted to share some of it with you! Proportionately, babies consume up to four times the fruits and vegetables that adults consume. To celebrate, Earth's Best is giving you a chance to enter to win a Sesame Place Vacation with all of your child's favorite Sesame Street Friends. To enter, visit Earth's Best Facebook page, "like" the page and click on the "Elmo's Birthday Sweeps" tab.
Happy because we love getting Emma dressed up and they had a great time but totally sad because this is their very last Daddy Daughter Dance ever.
Just make vanilla milkshakes, garnish the glass with chocolate syrup and then top with whip cream and an oreo cookie.
Their recent survey found that 57% of people, if given the choice, would want to have Rachael Ray plan their party menu.
Our toddler doesn't matter what he is wearing, he wants to wear these shoes all of the time and everywhere we go, he tells everybody to look at his new shoes. Our boys are super rough on shoes but I can tell you right now, you are getting a great quality with these shoes. They were for Jacob, my cousin’s first baby and the first grandchild, both good reasons for a super cute, super blue baby shower! We put on the invite that every pack of diapers donated earned attendees one raffle ticket and included something about there being super cute prizes for the winners. I am a big fan of chicken salad and am always so excited when I see those croissants at a baby shower.
We took the most popular baby shower games and created a printable baby shower game pack that you can print from home! As guests come through the door offer them some mints (or any small candy in a bowl.) After everyone has arrived, go around the room and have each person tell an interesting fact (or facts) about themselves. We're ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the centerpiece you are holding is yours to take home!Get the printable version of the Pass The Centerpiece Game (or Prize) - This is a popular game so we designed it to match over 10 different baby shower themes. Check them out and then comment below and let us know which color Voyage you would pick if you win! No product is released until our quality assurance department approves laboratory results, ensuring we meet the strict standards for organic certification.
It's kind of funny though since my husband and I started a new weightloss and fitness plan and it includes us eating lots and lots of soup!
The boys wear them to church, parties and special occasions at church and they still look as nice and new as when they first got them. I love tungsten because it's low priced but you still get a high quality ring just like you do with some of the more expensive types of ring. I had hoped to make chicken salad from scratch, but I’m glad my mom convinced me otherwise. You can read more about the inspiration for this site here and connect with me (please do!) by clicking any social media icons above. How ever many mints they have taken is the amount of interesting facts they have to divulge.
The first to birth there baby with out breaking it or taking it out of the bag wins a prize.
Of course it is even more depressing to think that this is probably going to be the last dance Emma and Daddy share until her wedding and the next time she leaves for a dance, it will be with someone other than Daddy.
I recently came across an Oreo Mudslide recipe that I thought was so cute and yummy looking and I wondered if it could be switched around a little bit to make a non-alcoholic drink that looks the same for my daughter and her friends. Florsheim has a super cute boys line and I was really excited to see what they had in their Spring lineup but I was even more excited that our toddler finally has big enough feet that we could get a pair of shoes for him!

If you are looking for a pair of great shoes for your son, definitely check out Florsheim Kids!!!
My second choice would have been the Men's Eternity Style Tungsten and Koa Wood Ring below! The black cable titanium ring features a single CZ in the middle and has a slightly domed face. Check out some of the other survey results below and then check out these easy recipes and products from Hormel that can spice up traditional game day favorites!!!
And the last leg of this race is to have one team member fashioned with a toilet paper diaper.
The rules are that no one is allowed to say the word "baby." If a guest catches another guest saying "baby", they get to take their diaper pin.
Have each baby shower guest write down how many jelly bellies they think are in the bottle. This will have everyone laughing ~ it's great!Was It Mom or Dad Game - Contact the new mom & dad's families and ask them for a list of about 10 facts about them as children (ie- who didn't walk until they were 15 months old- mom or dad?). Note: You may want to only run this game for a half-an-hour or so, it can take over the whole shower if you let it go on for too long. The guest who gets the most correct wins!a€?a€?Match Famous Parent with Child Game - For this game, we have pictures of all the famous parents on one board and another board with their children (mixed up of course). Some of the celebrities include Janet Leigh and her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, Blythe Danner and Gwyenth Paltrow, Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, etc. Pass it around the guests so they can peek for a few seconds and then take the basket out of the room. And I guarantee you that your guests will absolutely love it! You will have everyone racing to answer the baby-related candy bar names to their funny meanings!
Since she found out she was pregnant, I have been taking two pictures of her every month (one forward, one sideways). At her baby shower I plan to mix up all the pictures and try to have the guests guess the order in which they should go. If they don't drop the baby then they each take one step backwards and pass the baby again. This game adds a personal touch related to the mom and dad to be.a€?a€?What's in Your Purse?
After everyone has written their answer on a small piece of paper, have the hostess wrap around mom's belly, and count.
Then the mother-to-be picks her favorite story she just heard and that person gets a prize! All of the baby items can be given to the mom-to-be!a€?a€?Guess who you are game - When guests arrive you use a sticky label that has the name of a famous mother printed on it and place it on their back. I didn't want my shower to be uncomfortable for everyone because they didn't know each other, so my mom and I came up with a nice little ice-breaker game. When everyone got settled in we had each person stand up and tell how they met the mommy-to-be and their first impression.
I'll admit, it may be a little uncomfortable for the guest of honor, but some of the stories and first impressions you'll hear are hilarious. The guest who gets the most right wins a baby shower prize!a€?a€?Clothes Pin game - Place wooden clothes pins on hanger until full.
Very entertaining & fun to watch or distract!a€?a€?Diaper pin game - My aunt played this game at my cousin's shower, and it has stuck with me for years now. Then inside 1 of the diapers put a dab of mustard (randomly) and pin a diaper to each guest as they come in to the shower.

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