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The levels are said to be high enough to cause serious side effects, including heart and blood pressure problems.
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District Court Judge Josephine Staton Tucker's Santa Ana courtroom.Though the scheme imported the counterfeit pills from China and used three different addresses, Customs and Border Protection agents discovered the incoming packages containing $28,000 worth of pills, received a search warrant and recovered the huge cache in Welter's car and residence.
Experts in the field of Andrology such as Guo Yinglu, the founder of such studies in China, state that 50mg is a reasonable and effective dose for the majority of those affected by ED.
Larger packages containing 2 pills, 3 pills, 4 pills, and 10 pills are also available with the largest case costing 345 yuan or about $56.

One fly in the erectile dysfunction ointment is that experts in the domestic ED field feel the pricing is too high even though Jin'ge is priced 60% lower than legally prescribed Viagra.

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