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The Army Special Forces works in 12-man groups where they share specialties between the members in the areas of: weapons, engineering, medicine, communications, and operations and intelligence.
Six people is said to be the ideal number that allows for the factors necessary to survive or accomplish group tasks. When you are alone you can mobilize when and where you want to without any hesitation from a group. Solo survivors are said to have a 20 percent chance of survival compared to individuals in a group. My #1 rule while going on a camping or hiking trip is to triple check whether I’ve packed a solid outdoor survival knife along with my belongings.
The reason why I do this and why I’m stressing this at the very beginning of this article is because there is absolutely nothing better than having a good fixed blade survival knife along with you in the outdoors. I always carry my fixed blade knife in my sheath and use it for a variety of purposes; right from shaving wood to cutting my way though foliage and then using it to skin game for my dinner. Fixed blade knives usually are full tang knives which makes them more durable as compared to folding knives. Most fixed blade knives have handles that are designed for a better grip and come equipped with finger guards to prevent you from cutting yourself accidentally. Finally, fixed blade knives are capable of sporting a longer and thicker blade than their folded or multipurpose alternatives. To save you the trouble, I’ve handpicked this list of the top 5 fixed blade knives and all of these have been personally used by me so they come highly recommended. First up on this list of the best fixed blade survival knife is the Ka-Bar USMC Utility Knife.
Made of 1095 cro-can steel, this is truly a “Made in USA” knife (although the sheath is made in Mexico).
Another great fixed knife that makes it to this list is the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion and is one of the most ergonomic survival knives I’ve ever used till date. The Becker BK2 is one hunk of a metal tool with a thickness of .25 inches and almost as thick as the high-end Tom Brown Tracker. Designed by the legendary survivalist and mountain climber, Ethan Becker, the BK2 is made from 1095 steel and is robust enough to serve your Batoning needs and for simply whack and chop tasks. With a double stitched and riveted sheath, the SOG Seal Team Elite Knife is another fixed blade survival knife that needs to be in your consideration set. The exposed tang at the bottom of the knife makes it pretty useful for strikes with a hammer or firesteel while the ribbed back is useful for those who prefer notching.
All in all, a great hunting and camping knife that is super rugged and easily one of the top picks when it comes to fixed blade survival knives. This stainless steel AUS 8A rescue knife has been with me for over a year now and truly is one of the top contenders for the title of the “best fixed blade survival knife”! This all round utility and fighting knife opens everything from oil drums to M&M’s and can slice through rubber and plastic with consummate ease. The Krayton handle works great when it comes to greasy conditions and the single guard is a huge help in keeping your hand out of the blade. All in all, a tough combat cum survival knife and with the current sale price on Amazon, this one’s a must on your shopping list.

And finally rounding up this list of the best fixed blade survival knife is the Fallkniven A1.
A top of the line knife, the A1 has just the right amount of weight and the black finish does help with the rust.
This knife is legendary in European military circles and I’ve even met several fellow military men who own this knife and swear by it. The best survival movies (or TV series) list is the result of a poll taken by readers on Modern Survival Blog in which hundreds of you suggested your favorite survival movies or shows.
There are lots of movies (and a fair number of past and present TV series) which one might consider to be within a survival genre. The Colony (TV series) some to do, some not to do, but great for putting you in the mindset of, what would I do? Dual Survival (I just finished reading two of his books and thought to myself, they should put this guy on one of those survival TV shows. Cody Lundin may be a master fire starter, but my nephew once built a fire on top of a puddle.
Everyone laughs at the redneck with a crossbow… until a zombie is chewing on your face! Thanks to badass Walking Dead icon, Darryl Dixon, the crossbow has taken a front-seat on the prepper stage as one of the best survival weapons you could use for anything from a zombie apocalypse to a real-world collapse of society. First of all, crossbows are big and bulky – NOT the ideal travel buddy if you’re bugging out to a secondary survival retreat, eh? They are able to help each other out as they are also trained to overlap each other’s skills to support the team in the event one or more men go down. You also need fewer supplies but you will have to dedicate more time to getting the resources you need to find calories and fluids.
Also, most fixed blade knives are either straight edged or fully or partially serrated and the serration prove extremely helpful in tasks like sawing. This helps in activities like camping or hiking and especially in tasks like cutting through undergrowth to sharpening staves for tents. A handy utility knife with a 7 inch long blade, the USMC is a great handy tool with a flat ground edge that can easily be sharpened again and again. The leather stack handle gives you an excellent grip even in slippery conditions and I’ve personally found the knife to be of perfect balance.
This knife packs a mean punch and comes highly recommended by all marines, both present and ex. I personally loved the ambidextrous Kydex sheath that comes along with it and the knife easily snaps into the sheath without any effort. This partially serrated, 7 inch blade is made from AUS-8 steel with a clip point finish with a comfortable handle that’s made from glass-reinforced nylon. The blade itself has an extremely large cutting surface with sharp serrations on the side that cut with ease. Cold Steel has over time built a solid reputation when it comes to knives and the SRK is no exception to that.
The subtle clip point adds the perfect balance to the raw power of this knife and personally, I’ve found this more elegant that other similar knives such as the Ontario and the Ka Bar.

I did feel that the Cold Steel SRK was a little thick for tasks like skinning and caping, but in the end it did do a good job. I’ve reviewed the Fallkniven F1 in detail here but the A1 does make it to my list of top survival knives as well. I’ve used this to cut branches that were over 3 inches thick and managed it without breaking a sweat. It’s been used in the swamps of South Carolina to the Rocky Mountains and even in the hostile environment of Iraq and Afghanistan.
It was at a time when people were building bomb shelters and the cold war was in full swing. My brother kept yelling at him telling him it wasn’t going to work, we laughed, but that little sucker actually got it started and it didn’t go out! They are also able to break apart into two six-man teams that operate separately as well as splitting down to two three-man teams to get more accomplished.
What happens in the event you don’t have the training to accomplish great things with a group? Soloists also have the advantage of being stealthier than a group and creating less of an impact on their surroundings. You need to have the best fixed blade survival knife along with you to make your life all the more easier in the unpredictable outdoors.
Personally I prefer straight edge knives since I’ve found that they maintain their edge for a much longer duration as compared to serrated knives. The blade itself has a very sharp point with a sufficient curve (belly) that allows you to skin or dress game easily. Yes, this one’s the most expensive of the bunch but that’s because it’s also a class above all the above knives. Couple favorites of mine are the blind guy in the mountains of Japan and the hacker kid who was following the reports of the outbreak online for days not knowing it was real and then suddenly got slammed back into reality. The loud *bang* of a gun can bring unwanted guests your way, like other criminals attracted to gunfire… or (as in the case of hunting in a collapse scenario) hungry townsfolk who want some of your meat. There is much less of a chance for an individual to be tracked than a group because they leave a smaller footprint. The support system that can be established with a group will mean that there is more equipment available, divided work effort, companionship, greater security, and a good mix of skills that contribute to the overall group. When SHTF or TEOTWAWKI springs, will you be the loner or will you decide that the group is the best way to survive the apocalypse? In the military this is established early but with makeshift groups this could prevent the group from being efficient. Together the group can work towards achieving this goal better than an individual could without someone to watch their back. Also, unlike with a traditional bow, even newbies can be super-accurate with little practice.

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