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In case you missed the big blowout by Infinity Ward today tackling MW3’s new weapon proficiency, you should know the 3-minute video clip also include a lot of significant confirmation like the game’s golden camouflage, prestige emblem and set of new weapons. It’s a full-auto sub-machine gun available in multiplayer which has a crazy reload speed as seen from the footage. The latest assault rifle only introduced on Modern Warfare 3 which can be obtained after unlocking it on level 78 – just two steps lower before 80 which is the game’s max level. Unlike on MW2 where you can only see the damage inflicted by BB’s on Loose Ends campaign, Bouncing Betties are back on Modern Warfare 3 – this time – it’s a new weapon for your character as you play in multiplayer mode.

If you’ve seen the campaign “black Tuesday” previewed last quarter, then you may already be familiar with this air-bursting grenade launcher that has its own digital scope and will be made available on multiplayer mode. This one is the latest and if my sources are correct, was only previewed with today’s proficiency clip. The recoil from this gun shifts it side to side rather than up and down, which might cause newer users to discontinue use in favour of a "more managable" weapon. You can unlock this on Level 45 (Major 1) and it can deflect airborne explosives which might be crucial on different missions.

The CM901 is probably the best suited Assault Rifle for Search and Destroy, especially when equipped with both a silencer and heartbeat sensor.
It is adequate but average in other roles, so it is recommended for use in situations where its strengths can be maximised.

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