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After a 14-year playing career, Boomer made a smooth transition into his current role as an NFL analyst and radio personality.  With that said, the Booms is a very busy man, but regardless of what else is going on, he is always certain to make time for a little fantasizing about fantasy football. The thing is, it’s legitimately difficult to make a case that any team in the NFL right now is exceptional. I feel like if you wanted to get creative with your picks this week, this game might be your target. It hurt me that the Broncos lost last week after I determined them to be entering the portion of their schedule where they were going to turn into the Terminator and just start decimating opponents.
It is the twelfth week of the 2014 NFL season and with that, the NFL on CBS has the doubleheader. Before we get to the Week 12 picks, we need to talk about Week 11 -- and when I say we need to talk about Week 11, I specifically mean we need to talk about stealing footballs from women. All four have come against divisional opponents, and as we all know, the NFC South is the embarrassment of the NFL this season.

It’s as if the football gods conspired against me last week, and that play was their wink at me. They’re much worse on the road, and the Chargers are much better at home (4-1), so I think there will be no Rams magic this week. The Packers got blown out in New Orleans just four weeks ago by a Saints team that is 4-6 and basically terrible. They’ve been one of the most uninspiring franchises in the NFL for the past decade and a half, averaging six wins per year since 2000.
But that loss helped keep this spread low, and despite last week’s loss, I still have zero doubts about Denver playing at home, where the Broncos are 5-0 and win by an average score of 35-19. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits on CBS Sports this Sunday. I suppose we’ll see what they are made of when they head to Green Bay in a couple of weeks.

Yes, there will be a plethora of Ridiculous Quotes From Last Week’s Picks littered throughout this one.
Anyway, let's stop talking about people who steal footballs and get to the Week 12 picks -- where I promise not to talk about people who steal footballs.If you want to make fun of me for all of the wrong picks I made last week, you can do that in the comment section or on Twitter. Actually, let's not do the telegraph.If you don't care about NFL picks or how telegraphs work and you're just here for my weekly picture of an animal in an NFL jersey, well, I want you to know that I've outdone myself this week because you're getting a dog in an NFL jersey who's wearing sunglasses.

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