Top 10 biggest college football stadiums,what are good stock investments,las vegas betting - PDF 2016

With the 2011 College Football season already on its way, it’s time to refresh this list.
We begin with the SEC West and Baton Rouge, where the LSU Tigers play their football at the originally named stadium… Tiger Stadium. Still with the SEC, and we arrive at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, home of the Georgia Bulldogs. No longer the biggest stadium in the south, but it still is the biggest in the Big 12 conference. It was originally named Denny Stadium, in honor of former Alabama president George Hutchenson Denny.

The big house is once again the biggest stadium in the United States, a The size of the crowd in the stadium on game days nearly matches the city’s (Ann Arbor) population of 114,000. It’s been two years since we put this list out, and its still the same ten stadiums that have the largest capacity in College Football, with a few shifts.
Sanford Stadium is beyond its 80th birthday, and like the Rose Bowl, took part in the Olympics, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Another 1920’s football stadium, the Coliseum took part in both the 1932 Olympics and the 1984 Olympics, the Super Bowl and a World Series. The stadium became a 100,000+ seater prior to the coming 2009 season, with the addition of 4000 seats.

Strangely, the stadium does not have field lights, so on special occasions when night games do occur special lights must be installed, temporarily. Most importantly, especially for Michigan fans – Michigan Stadium is back on top, as the top 3 spots are owned by Big Ten teams. It has been measured as the loudest stadium in the nation, with CBS recording 130 decibels.

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