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Many anticipated a heated rivalry between the coaches, Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones, but we saw a refreshing amount of respect, this instalment was more about the fighters, than the coaches.
In his fight with Andrews on this week’s episode, Hall took his time and this performance was as impressive as any we have seen.
With Hall, the viewer is on the edge of their seat as they know a spectacular finish could occur at any moment. You read that right; he hurt his adversary from the bottom, a sequence that seemed to further excite UFC President Dana White, who knows he has a star on his hands as he called Hall, the ‘meanest and nastiest fighter in TUF history’. As a result of Hall’s previous exploits on the show, McDaniel was nervous heading into his fight with Hall and Andrews seemed to freeze, he barely threw a punch. Hall now has an aura surrounding him and fighters on the show, were beaten before they entered the cage. His opponent on Saturday night, Kelvin Gastelum was the youngest fighter on the show at 21-years-old. His first fight in the house was against the aforementioned McDaniel, who was an early favourite to win the competition, but Gastelum submitted him in the second round. In this week’s episode he defeated another favourite, Josh Samman, who had long talked about the dream finale between himself and Hall. Josh was older, taller, had a 7 inch reach advantage and had more than double Gastelum’s professional fights, but you wouldn’t have known.
It won’t be a picnic on the floor, as Hall proved against Andrews, but it’s Gastelum’s best chance of victory.

The TUF finale is headlined by Urijah Faber taking on Scott Jorgensen in a potential Bantamweight title eliminator. Also, look out for our very own Luke Barnatt who battles Collin Hart on the preliminary card. Aside from the finale this Saturday night, the 17th season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ has finished. We left behind practical jokes and embarrassing house confrontations and instead, we saw men who valued their reputation and respected their sport.
Every opponent that faced him inside the Octagon ended up facing a doctor at the hospital as well.
For one, because he’s not as good as the current Middleweight title holder, nowhere near just yet and two, because it’s difficult to judge that based off his fights in the Ultimate Fighter process. He will be the underdog against Hall, but on the show, he relished that role as he excelled time and again. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he proved he had knockout power when he disposed of Collin Hart, this time in the first round. As Samman tried to get back to his feet, Gastelum jumped on his back, locked in the rear naked choke and Samman was forced to tap. Gastelum believes his strongest area is his ground game, the area where he thinks Hall is at his weakest. He will need to use his jab to keep the southpaw at bay and if he does, we may see another spectacular finish.

The 6 foot 6 Barnatt has been training with Chael Sonnen in Oregon and British fans may have a new star to cheer for come Saturday night.
I mentioned in previous weeks that in my opinion, this has been one of the best seasons in recent memory and I stand by that.
They were there to win the contract, which is what the show is really all about and not just for TV time.
He earned notoriety for his stunning knockout of Adam Cella, but it would have been for nothing, if he had gone on to lose his next fight, he didn’t. Hall was comfortable off his back and with thirty seconds of the round remaining, he unloaded with punches that stunned Andrews, he rolled over and Hall finished the fight.
If he can turn the fight into a grinding affair and get his opponent to the ground, Gastelum has a chance to shock everybody and prove onlookers wrong, again. It will be another step in proving how good he is, but if he is to live up to the praise being adorned on him, he will have to string together wins in the competitive Middleweight division.

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