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In 2010 the MLB At Bat iPad application was demoed as part of the event unveiling the now infamous iPad. Earlier this year there was talk that Major League Baseball did have to rush the development of their iPad application somewhat last year to make the iPad release event deadline. The application is broken up into four main sections: Scoreboard, News, Gameday, and Standings.
The Scoreboard section displays all of the scores from games going on throughout the league in a grid format. A great animation will flip a game card to the front of the display and you’ll see information such as the box score, any available video highlights, and any associated articles (if the game is over).
It’s a great place to go to get the full picture of what is currently happening or what happened on any day in the past. The magazine is updated almost constantly with relevant news going on throughout the league.
There is certainly no shortage of information and it’s a great place to browse when there are no games going on. The view you’ll see is actually that of the catcher and is within an amazingly accurate rendition of the stadium in which the game is being played (used in partnership with the MLB 2011 The Show video game). The Box Score will display just what you’d think, a standard box score that is separated for each team.
You’ll also have the opportunity to drop in on games and watch live from time to time.
The amount of information available at your fingertips within the Gameday mode is staggering and puts a true baseball nerd in heaven. This area is pretty self-explanatory and is by far the most basic and non-interactive portion of the application. Even though there isn’t anything too fancy going on in this area, I will say that it still provides a wealth of information.
It should be noted that the you do still need to pay for the iPad application even if you are a MLB.TV subscriber.

The one drawback is that the Gameday view isn’t synched up with the audio at this time. The amount of different information available is truly incredible and I have to tip my hat to the MLB for doing so much with the available technology.
Not only did the iPad wow the world, but the MLB At Bat app drew quite a following as well.
Though it was still very successful in 2010 they wanted to take some time and put it through a full development cycle. They have very much embraced technology and all that it offers, and take full advantage of the Web along with offering very full-featured and well designed mobile applications. The view of each game changes and looks just like the stadium in which the game is being played. It’s quick and easy to scan and each game is tappable to pull up additional information about the game.
While tapping on an associated article will bring up another card showing the full article. The News section can be sorted to display only articles that pertain to a particular team as well. You’ll see the scoreboard along with animation of incoming pitches as they are thrown.
Plays will give you a run down on exactly what happened in each play and is separated by the half-inning. Each section appears as a widget of sorts that slides out from the side of the view and is easily toggled on and off as you need.
It still does provide something useful by giving you an overall view of the standings throughout the league. The audio is essentially realtime, like you’re listening to the radio, while there is a bit of a delay with the Gameday information.
However, after spending a few weeks with it I can say that it’s very much worth the price.

Watching games and keeping up with what is going on throughout the league is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this application to all the baseball fans out there. The scoreboard across the top of the screen is also very ballpark, as it looks like the old school scoreboard (exactly like you’d see at Fenway Park). Pressing the button will take you to a full video view and you’re able to watch that game for usually about five to ten minutes. It is really a fantastic way to follow a baseball game and, in some cases, maybe even better than watching on TV! The large form factor does allow a pretty detailed standings table to be displayed, however.
Like it or not that’s the way it is, but it is nice to know that you will have some additional features on the At Bat application if you are a subscriber.
Watching the Gameday with audio would be just perfect and I really hope that this is a future feature enhancement. All of this, combined with many other details, almost makes you feel like you’re in the park. The visual design and functionality play perfectly together and you won’t find yourself wanting on either side. This is a place where the additional space (as compared to the iPhone app) is very well used. Teams that you have declared as your favorites will be displayed in a highlighted fashion so that you are able to quickly point them out.

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