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Texas A&M University is a large university, and those who are used to being in small communities often feel as though they have vanished! Texas A&M University rose from humble beginnings as the first public institution of higher learning in the state of Texas to a lively 5,000 acre campus with a faculty that is recognized nationwide and over 46,000 enrolled students! The groundwork for the establishment of Texas A&M University was laid in 1862 by the United States Congress with the Morrill Act Adoption. In 1891 Texas A&M was rescued from possible closure by Sullivan Ross, the institution’s new president, an ex governor of Texas and also a recognized Confederate Brigadier General.
Students can choose out of the 120 undergraduate degree courses offered at Texas A&M University. Texas A&M University offers students a lot of financial aid options to assist them to pay college expenses.

Texas A&M University offers on-campus accommodations on both the Northside and Southside of the campus, there are even substance-free floors in several residence halls where students take pledge to never bring cigarettes, alcohol or drugs into the halls. The University of Texas is Texas A&M University’s archrival, other rivals are Baylor University, Texas Tech and the University of Arkansas. At Texas A&M University, students can take part in games such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and much more. A lot of improvements were made to the institution by Ross and this boosted student enrollment – a lot of parents sent their male children to Texas A&M in order to learn to be very much like Sullivan Ross. Even though Texas A&M University is a secular school, it has a reputation of having a student body that is conservative and religious. Student enrollment rose to 258, before dropping down to 108 students in the year 1883 – that was the exact year the state of Texas welcomed the opening of the University of Texas.

2,416 acres was donated for the institution’s campus by Brazos County and is located close to Bryan, Texas. Consider next Saturday a filter of sorts — one that will separate Texas A&M into the field of true contenders or leave it on the level below. In more than a century of college football, Texas A&M has produced hundreds of great — sometimes legendary — football players.

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