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The BBC is rolling out a brand new mobile app in the UK today aimed squarely at sports fans, delivering news, live scores, stats, commentary and analysis. Launching initially for iPhones and iPod Touches, the app can be seen as a natural (permanent) successor to its Olympic app which launched in the summer, offering 24 simultaneous live streams and went on to secure more than two million downloads.
There is also a new mobile football Live Scores section, letting users follow all the action, providing a league-by-league overview of the latest scores and scorers at a glance, accompanied by dedicated match pages for more in-depth information. One omission is the lack of dedicated pages for football teams as there is on the main website, but this too will be catered for in subsequent launches. As every man (and potentially long suffering woman) up and down the country will know: the new Premier League football season is upon us.

Try as we might, however, not every Saturday can be spent slouched in front of the TV tracking every result, so the descriptively titled 'Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre' app is here to save us. On top of this the SSLFSS can drill down into these fixtures to provide scores, text commentaries, league tables, match stats and even match photos, all live, as well as individual player profiles, team line-ups and formations. There is also no dedicated team page, which would be helpful in filtering out relevant news stories, fixtures, results and player statistics. Within the next couple of months, however, these will be properly integrated into the app alongside the other seven sports. In an ideal world SSLFSS would also make it possible to listen into the Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show audio - something that Sky offers online, but not in the app.

As it stands, use iFooty for your day to day football fillip and save Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre for just the match days, which is where it truly excels.

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