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Sports betting lines are a fundamental part of sports gambling that every player should be familiar with.
In this article we’ll cover the topic sports betting lines, writing mostly about where they come from, reasons for line movements, and how to maximize value (when to bet). What we will not cover is the very basics; if you’re brand new to sports betting and this article confuses you, first read the article on how to bet on sports. If sports betting lines were always accurate, it would be nearly impossible to win, because most bets are offered at a risk $110 to win $100 base (-110 pricing).
Almost anyone who is anyone in the world of profitable sports betting, first angles to find an advantage bet by looking at the early lines. In fact, most other sports books wait till after Bookmaker has had their lines up for hours, or at some bookmakers a day, before they go ahead and open a game for betting.
What you need to know is that an early line represents a single oddsmaker’s opinion on a game.
To give an example, we’ll talk about weekly NFL lines, but understand that the same concept applies elsewhere in other sports.
At Bookmaker, the first site to post NFL odds, these lines start to come out around 4PM every Sunday for the next week.

What you need to understand is that square bettors, a term simply meaning novice bettors, are not the ones betting on the early line. Most bookmakers, not wanting to expose themselves to heavily lopsided risk that could wipe out profit expected from other games, will move the line, and keep moving it until the lopsided action slows down.
If you’re an experience bettor good at capping games, you’ll want to have an idea of who you are looking to bet prior to the early line coming out. If you’re a good sports bettor but not talented enough to do this, what you’ll want to do is get good at spotting early line movements. Just understand that this is not an exact science, but generally getting in on the team the line is moving against early is far better strategy than randomly picking. Vital to understand is that, if everyone and their grandmother seems to be betting a certain team, then it’s probably not a good bet, and in fact betting the opposite will likely have value. Another good way to bet on sports is to watch what the line does just before the game starts. If you see no reports to otherwise explain the move, what is most likely happening is the betting lines are changing due to late lopsided action coming in from squares. While neither is an exact science, a better strategy than betting on your favorite team, or randomly picked team, is to be on the side the line is getting worse for when the line first opens, and being on the team the line is getting better for when the line is about to close.

Every play is different, and a player must decipher which line in any particular play has a larger value to not only win their wager, but maximize their profits.
The good news is that sports betting lines are often not accurate, and that’s what we’re going to cover in this article. Once out, you’ll generally see one, two, or three games where the lines start moving very quickly. If you see a game where you believe the line is better than it will be at closing, you want to grab it early. If you  were already considering the Chiefs and see the line moving against them, get in now.
The Bookmaker wanting to sell at a worse line than he is taking the most bets at moves the line, creating value on the opposite side.
If its starting to trend worse for them, betting now might get you a better line than it will close at.

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