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The Miami Heat’s second consecutive NBA championship gave ABC big ratings Thursday night. No two sports are alike in the ways that they decide champions.In the NFL, you can see the lowest seed in the playoffs get through on a series of great singular games.
And, with the lack of scoring, you just don't see the same lead swings that you see in basketball.In the NBA, the chaos is constant.
But because everything happens over the course of a seven-game series in the NBA, it's really hard to get one team to upset another team if they haven't earned it.That element can be negated by a key injury, much like in any sport, but talent and structure ultimately are going to win out.
In terms of seeding, you can find it based on the regular-season standings, but the better team will almost always prove themselves and win four out of seven games.

Game 6 on Tuesday night between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs showed just how evident this concept of title validation is in the NBA. In overtime, we saw the Spurs try to shake off the disorienting failure that they had just experienced, and they had a chance to still win the game and hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy that night. They've proven that against each other over the previous six games that have brought us to this point.
It seems only natural that they would both have one more game to prove themselves to be the champion of this season. And Gregg Popovich can begin to make his case as one of the top two or three coaches that this game has ever seen.On the Heat side of things, it starts and ends with James and his quest for historic greatness that seems to rely so heavily on championship rings.

For the Heat, it would be becoming the first team since the 1978 Seattle SuperSonics to lose a Game 7 on their home floor.The 2012-13 season has come down to the two best teams needing to win one game in order to become the NBA champ.
There will be dozens of plays in this game that make your jaw drop and your opinion change.
And through it all, we will crown a champion that leaves little doubt as to which team was the best in the game of basketball over the past year.

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