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Which is all to say, let’s keep our humor, you and me, as we gamble through this NBA season.
This line jumped out at me because the Spurs will be on the second night of a back-to-back and don’t really need to play too much of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker to beat the Sixers.
As we move from the 2014-15 season to the 2015-16 season in the NBA betting lines, there are some teams that have made moves that will help them elevate their results next year, while others are looking at a significant dropoff. Basketball betting lines are betting lines specifically created for the purpose of sports gambling in NBA games. Action Points - This type of betting that is determined by the number of points a team wins or does not win the point spread by.

Half Time betting - This is a type of bet in which a bet is placed on the score in the first half or second half of the game.
To date, My Scrabble Friend and I have made 67 bets on the NBA, including the picks from this column, and have won a whopping total of $10. If you want to read a convincing account of the horrors of sports betting, pick up a copy of The Biggest Game in Town, by Al Alvarez, a British poetry critic who, for some bizarre reason, decided to write a book about the 1981 World Series of Poker.
It’s a nearly impossible task, not only because of the work involved, but also because of the psychological traps that come with sports betting.
Our system may be dumb, but goddammit, at least it’s a system and helps tamp down some of the psychological trappings of sports betting.

Any serious basketball bettor understands the importance of having several different lines to bet into. NBA basketball odds can be defined as the lines placed on the game that serve as a mechanism for sports betters to place their stakes on a particular outcome of a basketball game. One lesson I’ve learned about sports betting in this, my first real year of giving it a go, is that Vegas makes millions of dollars a year off armchair psychologists.

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