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When a ball's hit to the outfield, there's a delay on a fielder's reaction based on their ratings.
To Sony San Diego's credit, MLB 11: The Show has recaptured the magic of America's favorite pastime for me.
You literally can't control a poorer defender like Swish for a second -- there's a forced delay to simulate his lesser ability at judging the ball off the bat. In the past, speed, arm strength, and accuracy all factored into your success, but reaction time was equal for all. And there was no momentum to a player, so taking a wrong step to the left on a ball trailing right had little impact. The longer you hold the right thumbstick in the direction of the base, the harder the throw and the greater the chance you'll throw it offline. You can overthrow with someone like Vlad Guerrero and not see disaster -- they may just throw it off the bag a bit.

Do so with someone with hammer hands like Luis Castillo and, well, chances are good that ball is going into the stands. There's analog hitting too -- pull back as the pitcher releases to start your timing, push forward to put the good part of the wood on the ball as it crosses the plate. Simple in theory, but getting the timing down while trying to identify the type of pitch and if it's out of the strike zone is not so easy.
And with the new "contact" option (sacrifice power just to get a piece of the ball), I'm able to foul off pitches until I see one to my liking. Pull back on the analog stick to start your windup and when the ball icon is about to hit the line on the pitching meter, push up. The worse the pitcher, the harder to target pitches and the greater the cost when you fail.
With a sweet set of new infield and outfield animations, baseball heroes and goats are on full display this season in the field.

There are marvelous turns of double plays and cringe-worthy throws that make it into the crowds.
It's certainly more important for a baseball game to run smoothly, but the awe of some of baseball's magnificent theaters is lost.
Some people will tell us they have great connections, others don't, and it's hard to determine what the cause is. You never really know until you ship and get out on the shelves, but believe me, we're doing our best to make sure it's as good as we can possibly get it." I heard this promise too with Pro Yakyu Spirits 4 on PS3.

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