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We’re offering a copy of our free MLB and NFL eBooks while the seasons overlap – get a copy below! Daily fantasy baseball is in full effect and Fanduel and DraftKings are running monster contests today for you to get those NFL winnings in on. Second base is pretty deep today so I can see getting pieces of all three of these guys into your lineups.

Carpenter’s a super patient hitter at the top of the lineup and is coming at a nice price on FanDuel today. Martin Perez is a guy I’ll get to later in the picks, but just know that the Astros are in a good spot today against the lefty.
The ballpark also plays a major factor here as it’s one of the best power parks in baseball.

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  1. Voyn_Lyubvi, 31.10.2015
    Win AND Dolphins, Ravens, AND.
  2. GOLDEN, 31.10.2015
    Crushes the Yahoo's nicely and compete for the for the 4 lowest ending groups.