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I'm guessing all my readers are familiar with hedge funds, and most probably work at one, but not many can actually invest in one, let alone one with a record of outperformance. The selling point for a hedge fund is an investor is gaining access to a vehicle that has the ability to outperform the market through going long and short stocks with a judicious amount of leverage. The three biggest items on the balance sheet are their investments, their investments in their hedge funds (investments in associates), and some miscellaneous real estate investments.
I've explained the math in the past on investing in companies below book value that are consistently growing book value.
Investing in Senvest Capital isn't a normal value investment, it's more of a mutual fund, value stock, and hedge fund hybrid investment. Real estate is the most significant alternative asset class for pension funds, representing more than five percent of total holdings, on average.
Introduction Research design Institutional marketplace Results Data ConclusionPercentage of funds investing in real estate 75% of the pension funds in the CEM database invest in real estate. Introduction Allocation to real estate Research design Investment costs Results Performance ConclusionPerformance of U.S. I got a few emails from REIbrain subscribers last week and over the weekend asking to review the Real Estate Mogul Preston Ely program that came out last week.

The last few months I’ve seen tons of news articles flying around talking about hedge funds jumping into the single family house rental market. NOTE: We were actually invited to contribute our knowledge and resources to the Real Estate Mogul community and we fully back and endorse it as a GREAT resource for real estate investors looking to adapt to this new hedge fund push for buying single family housing. Join Here For FreeWelcome to The Rei Brain, an online resource and community for a huge stockpile of FREE real estate investing and life success information, tools, resources, tutorials, products, and much more! This presentation employs a previously unexplored database to examine the investments of some 880 pension funds in direct real estate and real estate investment trusts (REITs) over the 1990-2009 period.
The percentage of funds investing in direct real estate is always higher than the percentage of funds investing in REITs. Greater external management and allocation to fund-of-funds considerably increase the overall investment costs. Regarding allocation choice, we document that larger pension funds are more likely to invest in real estate internally, have lower costs, and higher net returns. Observations 5406 Once a fund decides to invest in alternatives, Fund Clusters 884 real estate is likely to be part of a broader Pseudo R2 0.115 portfolio that also incorporates hedge funds, private equity and other alternatives.
Pension funds allocating more assets to real estate realize strong scale advantages in their investment costs.

If you feel that joining the Real Estate Mogul community is right for you to navigate this market… we may earn a commission if you purchase through the links on this website. Smaller funds are more likely to invest in direct real estate through external managers and fund-of-funds, but largely ignore REITs. Bond and Mitchell (2010): pension funds constitute more than 60% of the investors in the IPD UK database during the 1987-2006 period.
Real estate includes assets invested in direct real estate holdings, segregated real estate holdings, real estate limited partnerships and REITs.
Pension funds generated much of the decline by greater allocation to opportunistic and value-added strategies and increased usage of leverage. The funds have done well and it appears that they're investing the firms capital in a similar manner. It wasn't a gain so much as revaluing all their assets to fair value and realising lots of historical gains.

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