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FOX Soccer is set to televise one game per week over the final six weeks of the season with each club appearing at least once on national television, leading up to the NWSL Playoffs. After German soccer fans expressed their disappointment on social media and this website regarding the original plans that FOX Sports had for its Bundesliga TV coverage, FOX Sports has made some changes. FOX is expected to officially announce its coverage plans for the Bundesliga later on Thursday, but we can reveal that the season opener between Bayern Munich vs.
While most of the Bundesliga matches in the opening three weeks of the season will be spread between FOX Sports 2, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Soccer 2Go, FOX Sports GO and some games on FOX Sports 1, the volume of games on FOX Sports 1 is expected to increase as the season progresses. We can also reveal that Ian Joy is expected to be officially announced as the host of FOX’s Bundesliga coverage. Hats off to the Bundesliga fans who voiced their anger at FOX’s original plans for Bundesliga coverage.
I still have hope for a close title race which may create enough buzz for the network to put a few games on FOX after the winter break. The egos running FOX will NOT allow Univision Deportes Network (UDN) to steal FOX’s thunder. I called Comcast yesterday and asked if they had Fox Sports 2 on any tier of their packages.
This evening in Buenos Aires, two of the powerhouses in South American soccer clash in a pivotal game in the early rounds of World Cup qualifying. Speaking in Miami at the Sportel America conference, Daubitzer shared his excitement regarding the upcoming greater distribution of the league in the States.
Many soccer fans in the United States have a long history of admiration for the German league — from the days of the TV show Soccer Made In Germany on PBS in the 1980s with Toby Charles, through to the Bundesliga coverage on Fox Soccer Channel in the 2000s with Max Bretos and Allen Hopkins, as well as the coverage on GolTV in later years, which unfortunately has been hampered by GolTV being dropped by many TV providers. To move the Bundesliga to the next level in the United States, the league is ready to help FOX Sports. Asked about the rising number of US National Team players plying their trade in Germany, and how the Bundesliga can help FOX Sports tell their stories, the league is ready to assist.
Among fans of Bundesliga clubs in the United States, one of the concerns they’ve expressed is that FOX Sports may favor showing Bayern Munich games on television, to the detriment of lesser known Bundesliga clubs who may find those games only on FOX Soccer 2GO or not shown at all. This entry was posted in FOX Soccer, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, Leagues: Bundesliga, Soccer On TV. So, I would expect to see at least 2 games live every weekend on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 (please no Fox Sports Plus), and the rest would be available onto online platforms.
I’d like to see FOX commit to is promising that every Bundesliga game will air on TV each week that are produced in English.
I really enjoyed the Bundesliga when FOX Sports World aired the game of the week on Saturday Morning after the early Prem Game and before the 12:30p Prem kickoff. Fox has many platforms and there should be no excuse not have at least these 5 matches live.

Yes, my fear is that the matches will be relegated to Fox Sports 2 and Fox Soccer Plus which means most cable subscribers, myself included, will have zero opportunity to watch the Bundesliga. Herr Daubitzer may be in for a rude awakening when his overly optimistic expectation for increased Bundesliga exposure in America is shortchanged by Fox Sports. They should look at the Be In Sport example, they let you go back a week to watch their games on Sling TV and Dishworld (Now Sling International). I have Sling TV and use to have DishWorld, I’m hoping they add a Fox Sports and NBC sports package next because I want to be able to watch the Premier League and the Bundesliga and of course the Champions League. The reality is that the Bundesliga TV viewing figures are more a reflection of the current interest level in German soccer compared to other leagues. German soccer has been invisible from the mainstream after years of being shown on GolTV, which was a poor marketing and distribution decision by the German authorities. No wonder FOX Sports and the Bundesliga are having a difficult time trying to attract soccer viewers. The two main issues for FOX Sports 2 are (1) there are several major TV providers who don’t offer the network, and (2) for those soccer fans who are fortunate to even get the channel, many of the TV providers are only offering it in SD. The bad news for FOX is that many of the people who are interested in watching the Bundesliga are already fans of Premier League clubs.
Interestingly, FOX Sports has informed Soccer America that they’ll be broadcasting a Bundesliga match on Sunday, September 13 on the over-the-air FOX network before or after NFL broadcasts (depending on local markets). Fox needs to give Fox Soccer 2 Go away free to Fox subscribers at the very least, then they need to build an app for Roku so people to be able to watch those games easily on their big screens to be even in the same ballpark of service NBC is offering with the premier league. The average America who doesn’t even like soccer knows about Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and even West Ham and the cities they are from. Hamburg on August 14 has been moved from FOX Soccer Plus to FOX Sports 2 (as well as FOX Deportes).
Plus, there’s news regarding a game included on FOX Sports Net and on for free on YouTube. It appears that FOX Sports has adapted to the opposition from fans and made some positive changes.
The new rights holder, FOX Sports, hasn’t released any details yet regarding its coverage plans, but World Soccer Talk recently sat down with DFL Sports Enterprises Managing Director Jorg Daubitzer to discuss how the Bundesliga will help FOX, as well as what soccer fans can look forward to. FS1 and FS2 won’t be able to show enough games due to all their other American sports coverage. I just saw that the first couple of games are scheduled to be on FS Plus, other games still listed as TBD, which is a bad sign. A significant handicap for the Bundesliga is that it has a weekend schedule that almost identically mirrors the Premier League, the most popular English-language soccer league on US television.
At the same time, FOX Sports hasn’t cultivated an audience of soccer fans that are used to watching hours and hours of club soccer on its network.

The match will be the game between Bayern Munich and Augsburg from the day before (which will be shown live on FOX Sports 1). While the same strategy worked for FOX when they set an all-time record viewing audience of 1.6 million for a Premier League game shown on tape-delay in 2011, FOX had already cultivated an audience of soccer fans who were watching EPL games on FOX Soccer. In order to inflate the numbers, tape-delayed German soccer broadcasts that don’t compete with Premier League games may end up being the best strategy moving forward. Fox gambled hoping there would be an audience for German football and hoped German football would have been the best league in the world because they signed the contract after the all German CL final.
I am not sure Bayern Munich is known outside of people who like soccer let alone the other clubs. While Johannsson may not be as popular a player that moves the needle like Jozy Altidore or Clint Dempsey, a goal scorer is fun to follow if you are an American fan and success at Bremen may be a great way for FOX to bring in national team fans. Plus, it appears that the Sunday, August 16 match between Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt has been moved to FOX Sports 1.
One of the dominoes that set this move up was moving the NFL pregame show on FS1 to FOX so that lead it into the normal FOX pregame show that has been there for years.
That was back n the day when FOX didn’t have the rights to the 10am Saturday Morning Games. So, for the Bundesliga to thrive, it needs to change the viewing habits of Americans who are addicted to watching the Premier League on NBC Sports.
The soccer coverage on FOX Sports is too sporadic — a US friendly one night, UEFA Champions League every two weeks on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, a MLS game on a Sunday evening.
The long-term strategy will be to hope that they can win over mainstream sports fans and encourage them to seek out future Bundesliga games on FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2. For example, the number of people who watched that same game live on FOX Soccer was 360,000. If I could get FOX 2 Sports or the FOX Soccer channel I would probably be watching all day and all week. Plus, FOX Sports may decide to follow a similar strategy to broadcast more Bundesliga games on the over-the-air FOX network on a delayed basis during NFL season. In contrast, with FOX Sports’ coverage of the Bundesliga, they have been unable to surpass 90,000 viewers, which is pitiful in comparison. The two teams square-off again in a rematch on August 10th at the Maryland SoccerPlex, also live on FOX Soccer at 7 p.m.

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