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The San Diego Padres have released the logo for the 2016 All-Star Game, which will be held at Petco Park. With the 2015 All-Star Game in the books, Major League Baseball already is looking ahead to the 2016 Midsummer Classic. San Diego hosted the All-Star Game in 1978 and 1992, but this will be the first time the event will be held at Petco Park.

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Padres today announced the first opportunity for fans to guarantee the ability to purchase tickets for Major League Baseball's 2016 All-Star Game at Petco Park. 2015 Padres Platinum (full-season) and Gold (half-season) Members who renew for 2016 will be guaranteed the chance to purchase tickets to the 2016 All-Star Game and other exciting events during MLB's Midsummer Classic. Fans who are not currently Padres Members, but want to guarantee their chance to purchase 2016 All-Star Game ticket strips, still have the opportunity to become a 2015 Platinum or Gold Member.

San Diego is one of our game's most spectacular cities, and as such, it promises to be an outstanding host of the summer's greatest sporting event," Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement.

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