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In 390 days, FOX Sports will begin its first broadcast of a World Cup tournament it paid FIFA $500 million for the rights to as part of the World Cups from 2015 to 2022.
We’re just over a year away from its first World Cup, and FOX has no world-class soccer talent on its books.
Yes there’s still time for FOX Sports to buy talent and resources to improve its coverage in the next year. FOX seems to be on a mission of acquiring TV rights, not listening or caring what its viewers say and not knowing or understanding the sport. Next year will be a big year for FOX Sports with rights to the USMNT, MLS, Women’s World Cup, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and other tournaments. However the decision to put him in charge of soccer shows programming decisions shouldnt be made in a drunken stupor.

I don’t think Fox will be able to match the quality product that NBC Sports delivered this year. I don’t know if any of you who have fox sports 2 caught the A-League Final a few weeks ago. The answer to that is simple, the folks running FoxSports America are not the same as the ones running FoxSports Australia. I’m not worried about how FOX will fill their on air staff that will be brought in from outside of LA for the World Cup. While FOX can afford to use that strategy on sports leagues where mistakes are more forgiving, it’s a different ball game when it comes to the World Cup.
Based on where FOX Sports is now and their recent decisions, I have no confidence in their abilities to achieve the record viewing numbers that ESPN saw for World Cup 2011. So despite the very significant salary they’re paying him, it looks like FOX is going to keep him for the long run despite what the public think.

Strange to see various networks vying for soccer broadcast rights – I suppose that is a good thing and we can only hope that the stellar job NBC did this year will make Fox Sports step-up their game. But unlike ESPN who listened and acted on the storm of criticism they received with superb results in 2010, Fox will continue its crappy coverage with terrible commentators and crappy, lazy pundits.
Or fox will have fired Shanks by then and given up altogether, especially if Qatar proves to be th scheduling nightmare iit is shaping up to be. To be frank, other than a growing arsenal of TV rights, FOX Sports has very few redeeming factors when it comes to soccer.

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