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Host Julie Stewart-Binks was joined in studio by Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda to break down the latest news, and recap a busy weekend that saw the start of the Premier League and La Liga. As part of the debut FOX Soccer Daily show, USA and LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan spoke exclusively with Stewart-Binks, talking about enjoying the game again, his future and much more. With FOX Soccer scheduled to morph into FXX later this summer, and the US media rights for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and England home internationals to transition to FOX Sports 1 after August 17, one of the biggest questions that soccer fans have had in the States is what will happen to Sky Sports News.
I concur with the others, enjoyed getting updates from Sky Sports, will record it on my DVR. Regarding your 2nd question, FOX Soccer Plus will still be around and it will continue to be the home of NRL, Super League Rugby, etc.

FOX Soccer Daily debuted on FOX Sports 1 on Monday, and the show was packed with highlights, news and analysis from around the globe. According to a FOX Soccer spokesperson, Sky Sports News will air every day on FOX Sports 1 — at 4am ET. As expats we are thrilled that SSN is avail here, as it was not expected, and we watch for football, the cricket and general news. ESPN could take a page from Sky Sports News and tone down the smarmy sarcasm and see how the presenters on SSN interact and report without being knobs.
That means soccer fans in the States will be able to record it daily and then watch it at their convenience.

A later edition would be a huge bonus, but we are grateful for the hour, and perhaps Fox will throw us an extra hr here or there.

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