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If you are new to betting on soccer then diving into a big betting site such as Bet365 and seeing over 100 markets on a single game can be a little intimidating, if not a little confusing.
Handicap Betting - Handicap betting allows you to level the playing field between the teams by applying a goal handicap. Using our services, you will recieve the needed information as paid football prediction about the upcoming football games and then you can make an effective bet. But if you buy our paid football picks you could make good profit and find out how can beat bookies.

Therefore we have created a team of some of the best football tipsters, analysts and punters from whole Europe. Once you have selected a betting site (we recommend any of the above sites) all you need to do is then choose a market, choose a bet and set how much you want to place. Fixed games on the internet are just a myth and there is no way to find such football games. Most betting sites will give you a forecast of how much you will win depending on your stake so you can get an idea of your exact returns.

Below we have listed some of the more popular betting markets for football along with a simple explanation.

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