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The Draft Advisor is a stand alone program that generates custom fantasy football player rankings based on your league setup and scoring system. The resulting list of the 30 most common team names reveals the jokes football fans make when polite company leaves the room.
Fantasy Football Team Name Generator - The Fake FootballTest out our Fantasy Football Team Name Generator. It's that time of year again so I am sure many of you have joined a Fantasy Football League.
But it just takes a dirty joke or some well-crafted Johnny Football trolling to cash in on the best fantasy football team name.

Also, before we get too far, I want you to know that the only one I’ve purchased and used was the NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2012 app. For those relatively new to the Fantasy world (as in, you’ve only started playing over the past decade), you may not realize that a couple of the creators of RotoWire, Jeff Erickson and Peter Schoenke, were the first to start an online Fantasy Sports news service back in the ‘90s.
Special: You can put players on a Watch List, which I normally do by putting a barely visible dot next to their name on a cheat sheet, just as a reminder that you want to keep a roster slot open for this fella. Unfortunately, not right now — but we do have one being created for later this week!
This does not list the many in-season management apps or the Fantasy Football player news apps.

But it can use custom rankings and custom scoring rules that most of the major Fantasy Football league services use.

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