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Here below I described a few samples of shares representing the best additions for your investment or a short-term stock market portfolio. I have prepared a simple list of parameters that could be used for selection of best stock picks for your growth stocks portfolio.
Despite what you may read in the headlines, picking stocks to find the "next big thing" usually doesn't work out well in the end. Actually, most investors who end up with million-dollar portfolios earned them by smart, aggressive saving habits combined with steady, consistently growing stocks. The type of stocks you need Basically, when investing for the long term, the best way to go about choosing your stocks is to put yourself in a defensive mind-set. The best way to do this is choose stocks that pay dividends, and have an excellent history of raising those dividends. For a good list of stocks that have raised their dividends for at least 10 consecutive years, check out this list. And to determine a stock's volatility, look for its "beta," which is included in virtually all of the major online stock quote providers. Let's say that the S&P 500 goes down by 25% this year but rises by 30% next year, and that our low-volatility stocks went down by just 10% the first year and up by 15% the second year.
But the defensive investment would be worth $10,350, even though it clearly underperformed during our hypothetical great year.
Not so boring anymore As mentioned, sometimes these types of stocks are considered "boring," especially by inexperienced investors. In other words, an investment in these stocks would have grown about twice as much as an investment in the S&P 500.
Some great dividend stocks to get you startedAs we've seen, dividend stocks simply crush their non-dividend paying counterparts over the long term. In this article, I’ll show you 3 websites that allow you to practice investing in the stock market with virtual money. We Seed (directory app) is one of the best stock market game sites I’ve come across and is what eventually led to the idea of this article.

The idea behind We Seed is that the cash you are given is fake, the trades are virtual, but the stock exchange conditions are real. Wall Street Survivor also has a trading center where you can learn stock and options strategies, and tips for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Market Watch, owners of the Virtual Stock Exchange website, may not be as flashy as the other two sites I’ve covered, but it is equally effective.
On their Dow 30-Day Trader game, you are given a virtual $10,000 to day-trade stocks with based on the 30 companies that comprise Dow Jones Industrial Average. This stock market game is different from the others in that it exists to show off your skills. I also like playing virtual stock market games, as this gives us more entertainment and also lots of info.
PRINCETON, NJ -- As Congress attempts to impose stiffer regulations on Wall Street to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, Americans express a greater preference for stocks or mutual funds as the best long-term financial investment than they did a year ago.
The 22% of Americans who now say stocks or mutual funds constitute the best long-term investment is up from 15% a year ago, when the stock market was also much lower. The close connection between perceptions of stocks as the best investment and the performance of the stock market is clear in the accompanying graph. Upper-income and college-educated Americans tend to prefer stocks and mutual funds, while Americans with lower incomes and those with no college education favor savings accounts or CDs as the best investment. Banks and pharmacies get the best marks for customer service among seven commonly visited U.S. So my advice is to make it as simple as possible if you try to find the best stocks to buy. For every "it" stock like Tesla Motors, there are a dozen companies whose investors were hoping for a massive payday, but are instead finding the exact opposite. And one of the best ways to do this is to buy a whole lot of what you may think of as "boring" stocks, but that in reality are quite the opposite. You'll also want stocks with low volatility, meaning they have less of a reaction to market moves than most stocks.

To illustrate this, let's look at two investments, both with an equal starting value of $10,000, with one in an S&P index fund and one invested in the type of low-volatility defensive stocks we mentioned earlier. Matt specializes in writing about the best opportunities in bank stocks, real estate, and personal finance, but loves any investment at the right price. I think a lot of people that don’t invest in stocks choose not to do it because they don’t know how it works, and not knowing how it works makes it incredibly risky. There is a leaderboard of the best traders and the winner will be featured in a Market Watch story about his or her day-trading skills. Also, if you’re not into the whole stock market game thing, or you simply want additional resources, definitely check out Taty’s article on 5 Websites Where You Can Learn To Invest Money. It is similar to the 23% seen in September 2008 -- just prior to stock values tumbling amid the unfolding financial crisis. At that time, the stock market was still ratcheting down after the bursting of the Internet dot-com bubble in 2000. It means that such a stock is the best one to buy also for another investors, preferably for big investment funds with a lot of money.
A good dividend tends to buoy a stock's price during tough times, since as the price drops, the yield rises and becomes more compelling, attracting buyers. So, even though the second year's gains were stronger than the first year's losses, the investment would still lose money because of the devastating effect of really bad years.
After all, the best way to get good at something is to practice, but you can’t exactly practice the stock market. But as surging home prices in the first half of the decade gave way to signs of a burst in the housing bubble by 2007, the preference for real estate fell and that for stocks swelled to 31% -- the highest seen this decade.

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