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Another interesting title out this week for 3DS is Fantasy Life, from Professor Layton (and Ni no Kuni) developers Level-5. On the PSN, CastleStorm Definitive Edition is a game out this week that you can buy if you feel so inclined.
That’s an impressive chart entry for a game that got mixed reviews, with publishers Warner Bros.
The rest of the chart remains more or less unchanged from previous weeks, with GTA V falling to #2, above FIFA 14, Skylanders: Swap Force and Pokemon X and Y. Curiously Lego The Lord Of The Rings has jumped up the charts from #19 to #8, which might have something to do with it being bundled with the Nintendo 2DS in an Argos deal. This week sees the release of a hotly anticipated bat-based sequel that has so far remained hidden in the shadows, muttering quietly in an oddly deep voice.
Eager guitarists might be pleased to see Rocksmith 2014 Edition this week, which lets you plug a real guitar into your console and attempt to play various songs.
Wii owners rejoice, as this week sees the release of Wii Party U, which oddly enough Nintendo are charging money for, but it does come with a Wii Remote Plus, which sort of justifies the price tag. If you like turtles, specifically teenage ones with martial arts skills, then you’ll be pleased to know Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is also out this week, on Xbox 360, Wii and 3DS. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst is also a game, that some people who own an Xbox 360 or PS3 might buy. On the digital download front, there’s zombie island survival simulator How To Survive for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
Those who have been waiting patiently for a major Wii release will be rejoicing this week – Xenoblade Chronicles is here. Arcana Heart 3 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is another that comes in a limited edition pack. If you feel that fruit needs to be punished rather than pheasants, there’s Fruit Ninja Kinect on Xbox Live Arcade.
In the world of downloads there’s Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – the latest instalment of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion.
The above may only be exclusive to Xbox 360, but Brink’s add-on pack Agents of Change is available on Xbox 360, PSN and Steam. And as long as we aren’t dreaming, the often delayed Dream Trigger on 3DS should now be with us.
Curb your enthusiasm – you can count this week’s new releases using both of your thumbs. Air Conflicts – Secret Wars (out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) is compatible with 3D TVs and has online play for up to eight other aviators. Then we have Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets on DS, which is the 758th hidden object game to be released on the system this year.

Zombie survival game 'How To Survive' infects XBLA, PSN & PC this autumnCraft tools and seek food, water and shelter in 505's new zombie game.
Somewhere in the dark recesses of his psyche lurked tales of hacking off limbs, gouging of eyes with spoons, and pinning down male genitalia with nails. Developer Terminal Reality wisely emphasizes a survival aspect that zombie-focused games usually ignore, but it’s not enough to elevate Survival Instinct (as played on a PS3) from being more than just a mediocre experience.
The best strategy is to break them up into smaller groups or isolate them individually, and then sneak behind and smash or stab their heads with weapons like a baseball bat or a machete.
The chances of your car breaking down or finding a pit stop to search for supplies depends on which of the three routes you take. I thought I was doing well when I had a surplus of food and guns … but the next area I traveled through (and the herd of zombies I met) nearly drained me of all of my resources. But repetition began to set in halfway through my 8.5 hour playthrough thanks to a bunch of problems, which more development time could have fixed. It seems EA have forgotten about the existence of the Wii U, but at least they remembered the old Wii, eh?
Or you could over pay for the digital version of FIFA 15 if you like the idea of paying more for less? It came out in Japan back in January, and like most Nippon Ichi games, it’s a quirky dungeon crawler.
If your idea of dream holiday involves being stranded on a zombie infested island, finding shelter, building makeshift weapons and running away from zombie hordes, this could be just your kind of game. Very few bad things have been said about this JRPG, with the likes of Eurogamer dishing out a 9 while NGamer Magazine awarded it their highest score of the year so far – a handsome 93%. It doesn’t quite manage to stand up to the impressive original, mostly because the developers haven’t been able to find the right mixture of strategy and action this time round, but word has it the co-op mode is enjoyable and the mini-games are fun. The promotional video on YouTube suggests that it has much in common with the Professor Layton series, only from the looks of things the majority of puzzles take the form of those absurdly popular hidden object games. What’s more is that it’s free for the next two weeks as the developer’s way of saying sorry for server issues during the game’s launch. Most of the levels were simply dull arenas where Harry had to fight off waves of enemies for ten minutes or so.
I wouldn’t write this one off so soon as Sega claims it has been in development for three years, while inspiration has been taken from Batman: Arkham Asylum.
There’s a bit more information on the publisher’s site if you’re curious but it’s probably best to wait for reviews to appear before taking the plunge.
It’s impossible to account for every single corpse roaming around, so I always felt nervous when exploring an infested town.
Driving down the back roads use up a lot of fuel, but you’ll pull over more often for supply runs.

It’s a Japanese role-playing game featuring inappropriately dressed girls and lots of battles.
It’s a bit like State of Decay, which was excellent, so we have high hopes for this one. Unless Tesco have put the incorrect picture up, it’s only ?31.97 on their site with the classic red controller. Review copies were sent out to the press in good time – most of the magazines reviewed it last month with universal opinion being that it’s not too shabby at all.
You’ve got a combination of Avanquest Software and Easy Interactive to thank (or blame) for Farm Frenzy 3, Mechanic Master 2, Youda Legend: Amsterdam Diamond and Timmy Time. But what a strange name to call a game – if people hunted pheasants forever then there will be none left. It doesn’t sound like a bad package – two new maps, five additional abilities, two new weapon attachments and two new outfits.
As such, we’re not entirely filled with confidence for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two.
The 3DS version isn’t due out for a while yet (Zavvi puzzlingly predicts 3rd February 2012) and I’m having great trouble finding a UK online retailer stocking the Wii version. A few static backgrounds with some sprites scattered around, a bit of simple code running behind the scenes and voila – one new game to shove out.
Games Montreal were at the helm, and things have been suspiciously quiet, with most reviewers yet to receive review copies. Sega’s site lists it for release this week though, and it would seem odd for them not to release a big name game after paying out all that money for the license. And highways need the least amount of fuel, but you’ll also have a high probability that your car will stall. If it’s any better than Duck Hunt on the NES I will be very surprised, and if review copies have been sent to press I’d be even more so. If you can wait a while it’s also going to be bundled on the same disk as The Gunstringer, which was once due on Xbox Live Arcade but is now a retail release.
7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven appears to be the sequel to 7 Wonders II but by going by the boxart and product descriptions the differences between the two sound rather minimal.

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