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Most significant thing to do here is to stay close to generator until the completion bar is completely filled. I would advise you to turn on all the generators in one round and have some decent guns at your disposal. Generator #4: Get out from the workshop to go to No Man’s Land and you will see it to your left. Activating all generators will give you the access to Pack-a-Punch machine and the achievement will unlock.
Tag: black ops 2 The new wonder weapon in Black Ops 2 Origins is the Elemental Staff which unlocks the ancient powers described by Treyarch. The final zombies map for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, Origins, has been released as part of the Apocalypse DLC. There are six generators dotted around the Origins map, which all need to be activated for the All Your Base achievement to unlock. To get the All Your Base achievement in Origins, you need to repeat this for all six generators.
To build the gramaphone, you need a disc for each of the elemental staffs (fire, lightning, ice, wind) and the gramaphone itself, which can be found below the Pack-A-Punch machine.
When you have the relevant parts, head to the underground section of the excavation site and place the gramophone. One last thing worth noting is that you can grab a shovel from the spawn room or from the near the bunker’s exit door to Generator 3. Mounds that appear once it starts snowing in the trenches, you’ll need the shovel from the spawn room to do this. When you grab the shovel, keep digging mounds until a weapon appears (it’ll be a floating pick-up icon).
If you grab the shovel and keep digging up mounds without being downed, it will become a golden shovel.

There are boxes dotted around Origins that collect zombie souls, sort of similar to how the dog heads worked in Mob of The Dead. To star them up you have to pay and then someone needs to stand on the pad until the meter fills up. Once the meter fills up, any zombies near the generator will be destroyed by an electrical blast. To do this, you need to build the gramaphone first, as this will be needed for the final step in building all four elemental staffs. The shovel can be found in three places: the hallway next to the medals talk, the mini-tank area by the church and the lightning staff excavation site by Generator 5. This bumps up the rate of quality drops appearing when digging up mounds and also lets you dig up perks, if you’re lucky. When you fill all the boxes, you can grab your reward – Thunderfists, a powerful melee weapon. Furthermore, if all 4 players wield the Wonder Weapon you'll each earn the Master Wizard achievement. As with all Wonder Weapons - think Thundergun, Sliquifier, Blunder Gat from past maps - the wonder weapon is the overkill weapon that really makes the higher rounds easier.
In some cases, it can also be part of the Easter Egg steps - think Buried and Richtofen's side where you destroyed the orbs.
Each of the powers is shown below:Water Staff -> Freezes ZombiesThanks to its ability to access sub zero temperatures the Ice staff freezes zombies, stopping them dead in their tracks. Lightning Staff -> Obliterates ZombiesThe lightning staff is instant death for zombies by instantly electrifying them, even decapitating them too.
The lightning staff is represented by the colour purple in the game.Fire Staff -> Burns ZombiesLike your classic flame thrower but more deadly, this staff will shoot fireballs and burn its way through zombies. This staff is represented by the colour red in the game.Air Staff -> Knocks Zombies BackThe air staff is like the Thundergun from earlier zombie maps but with a twist.

Once you've collected all the parts, the staff can be constructed using one of the special machines located in the excavation site (lower level).There is one additional part required to build a staff and its the crystal. Check the shelves in this room and you should find the disc quite easily.Wind StaffA rather sneaky hiding place for these parts.
You're going to need to get inside the Giant Robots head which is fairly tricky and quite costly if miss-timed. Just make sure you're stationed at a position where the robot will step and when its about to step on you, look up and shoot its foot.
You'll need to find the Gramophone which is located below the Pack-a-Punch machine (see video for exact location):There are 4 coloured discs in Origins and they are orange, yellow, blue and purple. So for example the red disc might not be on the bench in the church but it is certainly close by e.g. An example of a tunnel is the pathway located under the cathedral which is also where the tank can be found. Remember, there are several other tunnel locations and each location needs a particular music disc.Go to the end of the tunnel and place the musical item on the bench. If you have the right music disc, the music will start playing and eventually open the portal.Step through the portal and you'll be taken to a burial ground with several coloured stones. Accessing the lower level is possible by finding the black music disc and placing the Gramophone on the table.

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