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Although each music festival has its own rich history, there are very few on the same level as Burning Man. But, when Joe finally gets to Burning Man, his lofty ambitions to network with high-powered executives are not met. In the midst of this low, the acceptance, connection, and playfulness he experiences at Burning Man make him start to question his past life of ambition and power in Silicon Valley.
Tomorrowland has only recently become one of the most in demand music festivals in the world. Tomorrowland was this year visited by people from over 245 different countries which must be a record for a music festival. From as far as Brazil and Australia this is the festival the world wants to go. Tickets for Tomorrowland 2013 sold out within minutes this year with an estimated 1.8million people trying to get the 80,000 tickets on sale. Tomorrowland is by far the best dance festival in the world as voted by visitors from all areas of the world. Tomorrowland has won many fantastic awards and has gone from strength each yeah. Mid-July is guaranteed to be hot in the town of Boom, last year the temperatures were amazing with the sun starting from first thing in the morning and lasting all day until the night. Tomorrowland has the best venues, best stage, best production, best layout and best DJs for a festival in the world. Only the best of the best DJs in the world will be at Tomorrowland and the headline acts truly are the best DJs on the planet. Being located in Belgium means that people can travel to Tomorrowland very easily as the country is located in central Europe.
Tomorrowland truly is a festival that is not like any other, with the international crowd, excellent venue, central location and worlds best DJs you will not find an event anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a 24 hour party festival from the arena to the camping then Tomorrowland 2013 is the place to be in the summer. Each year 180,000 people purchase tickets within minutes of the Tomorrowland festival going on sale and it makes it the fastest selling festival in Europe without doubt.

We have been to over 40 different countries and travelled to the largest events in the world. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
Something about 7 days in the desert surrounded by art, music and dance changes the very soul for the attendees. Very few musicals have been created about music festivals and Burning Man is one of the best candidates for the rendition. Between getting dumped by his girlfriend, dancing with sparkle ponies, and nearly dying while on a vision quest in the desert, he reaches a real low. The sharing economy and free spirits he meets in the desert make him wonder–is his real mission in life just to make money?
If you want to go to a truly international festival with people from all around the world partying and having fun together then Tomorrowland is the festival to travel to.
The sheer demand for this festival means that the tickets not only sell out but are only available if one decides to purchase from a secondary ticket agent which is often much more expensive. Every major DJ has stated that this is the best festival in the world and the one gig that they look forward to most in the year. With this guaranteed good weather this makes the festival much more better, no need to worry about packing wellington boots like most other festivals. Whilst the lineup has not yet been released, the headline acts are guaranteed to be truly amazing. Last year the main headlines were Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. Major cities such as Antwerp, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and many others can be reached within a couple of hours on the fantastic railway system in Belgium. Amsterdam is a major hub for flights from around the world and is the chose city for incoming flights for people wanting to enjoy the festival. The bowl shape allows for a truly magnificent festival with views of the stage from all sides.
Even the camping environment is themed so that you completely feel the Tomorrowland atmosphere.

Whilst the festival arena opens at around 12:00 and finishes around 2am the party continues in the Dreamville camping for those people with the weekend pass. If you are wondering whether to come to Tomorrowland then simply ask yourself why 180,000 people would come, this is without the many thousands that are unlucky and cannot by the tickets because of the sheer demand. Our favourite events are music and sports events including the Champions League and Super Bowl. Burning Man itself is a culture, a community that has been nurtured and created for the past several years.
He’s been driven his whole life by external validation, and does anything he can to get ahead–no matter how many people he has to burn along the way. UK and festivals in Sweden, Norway and Germany normally cost twice as much as this festival yet do not offer the same facilities and headline acts. Inside the layout is amazing and no expense shared for the production and detail of everything. The lyrics of all 9 songs were written by Jonghyun, and he also participated in the music production and composing of 8 of the tracks. SHINee recently attended and performed at 3 fan meetings in North America, in Chicago for the 2016 SHINee Fanmeet in Chicago, in Los Angeles for the 14th Korea Times Music Festival, and in Toronto for Hallyu North. The amount of detail truly is remarkable for a festival with a lot of reference to the Tomorrowland theme.

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