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The Legacy Food Storage Premium 1080 Serving Package is a typical dehydrated food system that comes in mylar pouches housed in square buckets. The Legacy Food Storage Premium 1080 Serving Package is a typical dehydrated food package that comes in square buckets.
Price per calorieThis package rates in the lower end of packages we have reviewed with 192 calories per dollar.
Shelf LifeAs is usual for food stored in mylar pouches in plastic buckets, you can expect about  15 – 20 years of shelf life. Nutritional InfoYou can view the nutritional information for each item in the 1080 Package on the Legacy Food Storage website, here. How to PurchaseLegacy Food Storage sells their products through multiple outlets, including Preparewise. Disclosure: This page may contain external links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase said product. Disclaimer: Food Storage Reviewer does or may have affiliate relationships with any of the companies reviewed on this site.
This FSR exclusive is 5 buckets of the 275 Servings bucket from Food For Health International.

If you bought these same 5 buckets on Food For Health’s website it would cost nearly $900.
Each 275 Serving Food Supply Bucket provides healthy vegetarian meals that take roughly 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish. This 5-Bucket Combo is different than the 1,000 Servings 5-Bucket Combo sold on this website because the contents of each individual bucket differs. Whether you fear a malicious EMP attack or you’re just concerned about what mother nature might throw your way, the EMP bag from Lion Energy will help protect your precious generator investment and other electronic devices. On its website, Legacy Food Storage likes to compare itself to some of the more expensive food storage packages to inflate its low-cost perception.
Although the food may last longer, it starts to lose nutritional value rapidly past 20 years. Although you can eat dehydrated food straight out of the bag, you really need to “cook” it in boiling water.
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It’s simply 5 buckets of the 275 Servings bucket from Food For Health International, but at a discount! Just add boiling water and you’ll be enjoying a nutritionally balanced, 100 percent vegetarian entree. The bag is made of woven copper mesh that block the frequencies produced by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). It also comes with a bonus EMP pouch for other electronic devices like your phone or tablet. The food itself is packaged in weather-proof buckets that are easily stacked to conserve space and contain individually-wrapped portions so you can conserve and eliminate waste. And if you have a difficult time lifting heavy objects, this would prove more difficult to accomplish. It can be hard to hold the bag open with one hand while placing the generator in with the other.

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