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By Beau On January 13, 2011 · 2 Comments It’s that time again, yet another quarter has gone by and Wilderness Innovation is finalizing plans for the Winter Rendezvous! As with all of our Rendezvous we encourage all that can make it to come and spend time out in the wild practicing survival skills and having lots of fun while doing it. The Scenario for this years Winter Rendezvous is similar to the summer Rendezvous of last year. We will be meeting at the newly improved Wilderness Innovation shop  at 1200 hours sharp for some lunch, and finalize any last minute plans for the trip.
The morning after we plan to cook up some quick breakfast, this can include simple breakfast items like oatmeal & hot chocolate or a granola bar.
We plan to be finished in the early afternoon of the 5th, but when you get into the wilderness with Perry you never know what fun you can stir up! Gear for this trip will really be up to you and what you want to carry while you are snowshoeing,with winter in mind. You are welcome to come and go as you need to from the group, but it would be wise to travel with the group as much as possible. We would love those who plan to join us to RSVP by sending us an email to [email protected] or filling out the contact form. We will be meeting at the shop in Springville at noon on Friday for lunch and we will head up from there. Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? Deze cursus is een basis praktijk cursus en kan verschillen volgens het seizoen weersomstandigheden enz.…. Tijdens deze ervaringscursussen is het de bedoeling, om de kennis die we in een eventuele vorige cursus hebben verzameld, te toetsen aan de praktijk. Winter Survival Guide- With old man winter bearing down on us, it is probably a good time to review your winter survival skills. You may have heard the adage “cotton is a killer”, and in certain situations it is certainly true.
For generations, mankind has fought the elements and has learned to thrive in some of the harshest conditions thinkable.
Note the plural – being dependent on a single method of starting a fire and a single source of tinder is a good way to guarantee a visit from Murphy and his law.
A plastic bag full of a variety of starters and tinder needs to be packed along any time you venture out into the frigid weather. In truly cold weather, the rectangular, down-filled sleeping bag from your Boy Scout days just won’t cut it anymore.
While a number of survival experts will tell you that the axe is plenty, able to be used for felling, feathering, and even as a hammer, we feel the Sabercut Saw provides a great option.
This multipurpose (and cheap, you can find a good one for a tenner) head scarf can fulfill an amazing number of jobs.
These are also truly multipurpose, and a light roll of contractor-quality bags can fulfill a number of duties. Another incredibly multi-purpose piece of equipment, a length of 100 feet costs about as much as a Double Whopper.
Hands-free lighting can come in handy (pardon the pun) in all sorts of situations, particularly as in the winter the sun drops below the horizon fairly early. Unfortunately most employees and their employers do not recognize the need for proper safety training for employees who work outdoors in remote areas in cold weather environments–until the unexpected event or accident happens!
Pilots train hard for a potential emergency landing, but what happens after they have landed the aircraft? 18 individuals learned and practiced their survival skills at the Surratt Memorial Winter Survival Clinic, with instruction from three acclaimed survival experts.
The first night was spent hearing instructional talks on emergency landings and emergency medical procedures. Participating in the survival clinic allowed them to practice things such as starting a fire, building a shelter, and signaling for help. A valuable piece of information for anyone involved in any winter survival situation is that low body temperatures can lead to hypothermia, which can leave you unable to think clearly or move well. The clinic's main point is very clear: The only way to give yourself the best chance to survive in an emergency winter situation is to be prepared, with both knowledge and gear. To view the complete set of photos from this year's Winter Survival Clinic, please visit our Flickr website. Coming up on February 4th & 5th we will be meeting up to embark on our 2011 Winter Rendezvous adventure to make memories and build skills that will last a lifetime. We will continue with this months theme on winter sheltering and sleeping systems that will benefit you tremendously if you ever find yourself in a situation where you had to spend the night in the cold snow. A group of snowshoer’s get caught in a terrible storm, lose their bearings and are forced to build shelter to survive through the night where they can then make their way out in better weather. We will then Head up to Payson canyon where we will park and snowshoe up the trail to Maple Bench.
The only thing that we require you bring is a water container, and a stainless steel cup for cooking.
We will have GPS coordinates in the details section of the Winter Rendezvous on the WI events calendar Make sure to grab those from the Calendar if you plan to travel separately.

On Saturday we don’t really have a set time when we will be returning, but if you need to leave earlier than the rest of the group you are welcome to drive up separately and leave when you need to. Een uitzonderlijke ervaring om een noodonderkomen en of onderkomen te bouwen, vuur te maken, drinkbaar water zoeken enz….
During winter, survival takes on a new meaning since it is so easy to slip into hypothermia and die. Snow can also be packed on the outside of conventional lean-to’s or debris shelters, as a windproof sealer and added insulation.
The problem is, it is very popular clothing, and is worn for many outdoor winter activities. Wool will retain most of its insulating value even when wet, it will also breath better than other fabrics, allowing for activity without becoming saturated with sweat. If you are battling the cold you should melt the snow over a fire before drinking the resulting water. Then when they settle down for the evening to try and spend the night, they are battling the added moisture from all their sweat. The rule of threes gives you three weeks without food, but in cold weather that will cut the time somewhat. You may be able to dig some cattail roots, find a squirrel’s nut cache or even strip some inner bark. If you take the time to learn extra skill sets for cold weather and adapt this winter survival guide, you will have a much better chance of coming through unscathed. But even after all of the advances we’ve made in taming our environment, we still find ourselves dedicating our weekends to getting lost in the outdoors. Those Mylar blankets you’ll find in many emergency kits are nice, but they’re the proverbial wet blanket stacked up next to the SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket. They retain water and don’t retain heat – which is the exact opposite of what you’ll be wanting in frigid, damp winter weather. You’ll also need to get some firewood – a fire starter and tinder is no good without some solid fuel.
The Sabrecut is a bit more efficient when it comes to dealing with medium- to large-diameter hunks of wood – the amount of energy put out versus the progress you’ll make is better than with the axe. While the flowing stream might be drinkable for a canine companion, it doesn’t go so well for humans – but then, they’re also used to drinking out of your toilet bowl. They can be stuffed with leaves and other debris to create a ground cover to keep you sleeping bag off of the ground. Unlike the burger, you can get plenty of uses out of paracord, although eating it isn’t one of those uses. Being able to use both hands in survival tasks is necessary, especially when you are trying to take down wood or build yourself a shelter. It will test the physical and mental strength of any individual, from the novice to the expert survivalist. OSHA has specific safety training recommendations for employees who work in cold environments in remote areas; are you complying? These experts included Dave Hoerner (MDT Aeronautics Safety Education Bureau Chief), Rod Alne (Special Forces Survival Instructor and owner of the Peak Inc. Accomplishing these tasks built confidence in how they would handle a real-life emergency winter situation. Never leave your transportation - it is easier for rescuers to locate a vehicle or a plane than a single person who was wandered away from the site. Don't assume that it's going to happen to someone else and not you - it's the times when you least expect something to happen that you find yourself unprepared.
There we will be building our winter shelters, and developing our skills together as a group. I don’t know about others, but I make it hard for myself to start fires, so I get practice in poor conditions.
If you have no gloves, strips of a shirttail or t-shirt can be wrapped around you fingers for makeshift gloves. Regardless of whether you’re an avid hiker, mountain climber, occasional hunter, or just love the outdoors, every one of us should own and always pack a survival kit in our packs before heading out into the brush. Measuring 5 feet by 8 feet, it can be used to direct heat from a fire, wrap up one person, act as a cover for two, or even be used to line the inside of a shelter to keep heat in. The GRAYL is a pressure-operated water purification bottle, with three different versions – the midrange Trail, ringing up at around $75, is perfect for survival.
They can be cut open to use for a base layer for a shelter, placing it between the braces and the leaves and boughs that will help keep warmth in.
Instead, it can help secure a makeshift shelter or hang a tarp between trees, be used to make a sling or tourniquet in the case of injury, secure a splint, or hang gear off of the ground. No one should go out into the wilderness without a knife of sorts, regardless of what you might hear from some hard-core survivalists who say they don’t need one. It can also be used as a signal lantern in dire situations, and the belt pack provides more hours of light than a headlamp with the belt on the light itself.
By having all of the winter survival gear above, your chances of survival shoot through the roof, allowing you and your families to sleep comfortably at night.
This course is designed for employees who must face these conditions as part of their job duties.

In the case of an emergency landing in mountainous terrain during the winter season, it is critical to have the knowledge to survive until rescuers can reach the scene. They were then able to put these new skills to the test and spent the second night in their own survival shelter. Shelter and fire are often first priorities because exposure to the harsh elements in extreme weather causes your body to lose heat faster than you can produce it. We will then cook up our dinner, please fill free to bring what you wish for dinner but try to keep in mind the scenario of the rendezvous, and what you might actually have with you on a day snowshoeing adventure. If you have any additional questions please fill free to email us and we would be happy to answer them. The biggest drawback of synthetics is that they are not fireproof, and a small ember will burn right through your expensive coat. So instead of trying to set out on your next adventurer like an ill-advised episode from Naked and Afraid, make sure you’ve packed yourself the essential survival kit, designed specifically for the harsh, winter conditions. The Lamina features a nylon shell and an external water-repellant DWR coating that keeps the water on the outside, helping to keep more heat in. It beats out straws in that you can carry filtered water with you at all times, instead of having to find water.
They can be weighted down and filled with leaves and debris to make a door for a shelter as well. The Leatherman OHT has tools that will help you use or repurpose all sorts of goods, including debris you might find lying around. Sure, it’s a $500 investment, but at minimum power it can provide you with 3 days worth of light. As the Scout Motto says, “Always be prepared.” Because doing otherwise is just plain amateur.
They learn essential safety skills like the recognition, prevention and treatment of frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold weather injuries. But the clinic wasn't just for pilots; it was for anyone who needed winter survival skills. In all of our rendezvous we like to try and go with as little as possible and stretch our comfort zone, but please feel free to bring what you think you will need to make it through the night. It won’t clutter your backpack either – weighing in at under 8 ounces and folding up to be pocket-sized, you’ll never notice it until you need it. It can hack up ice to help build a shelter, it can be used to create a trench, or just used to chop wood. So don’t worry about what has happened upstream from you, just pack the GRAYL along and you’ll have pure water with you when you need it. Pliers, a wire cutter, and a variety of screwdrivers can help repair any equipment that may break. Of course, if you like not having to squint, you’ll want the economic setting, which still gives you 14 hours of 300 lumens per battery cycle. These are in-depth safety skills that are not taught in any basic or advanced first aid type of class anywhere!
At $15, it might be more expensive than a Mylar blanket, but unlike those blankets, this one can be used time and time again.
It is relatively light, weighing in at under 6 pounds, so you won’t get a back ache hauling it around.
The composite shaft means you don’t have to worry about it breaking just when you need it the most.
Again, this is a cheap piece of gear you shouldn’t go without – in a 32-count box, each bag costs about 50 cents. In addition, the skills necessary to quickly locate or improvise effective shelters to survive an unexpected emergency are taught by instructors who have over 40 years experience in handling these situations.
Rated for temperatures down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, that more-than-justifies the $300 price tag.
The 2.5 pound weight means you won’t be dragged down, and the compact size means it won’t be too unwieldy.
It’s the only one-hand-operable multi-tool on the market, and it comes with visual tool imprints on the handle. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of this safety training until your company has an accident! This means you can switch implements as needed, with one hand and a quick look – perfect for when you are in a tight situation and you need to go from pliers to a strap cutter in an instance. It can be used to collect water, or used to collect snow and let it melt, and will act as a filter for large debris.
If you’ve been using it as a scarf, it might taste of sweaty hiker, but it will still be fine to drink.

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